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  1. I finally got it installed... YAY! I had to install the following: gc make kernel kernel-source kernel-devel Obviously the kernel ones had to have the same number as previously suggested. but the other packages: gc and make were also needed. One other package... I can't remember what it was... but the package was indicated in the error message that was displayed each time. Thank you everyone for your help. God bless, Johnathan
  2. OK, I have this now: kernel- kernel-source- kernel-desktop- kernel-desktop- kernel-desktop-devel- kernel-desktop-latest- kernel-desktop-devel-latest- kernel-source-latest- So I assume that I will use the following? kernel-desktop-latest- kernel-desktop-devel-latest- kernel-source-latest-
  3. @daniewicz, Do these not match? Am I missing something? So all I am missing is the kernel-devel?
  4. I did install the kernel source. Here is the results: The above was installed prior to me rerunning the driver.
  5. OK, here is the error that I have now: And when I run the above command I get:
  6. @scarecrow, Thank you for the reply. I opened a console and tried the command, and I get 'command not found' I would have expected another response other than 'command not found' if it is installed correctly. Please forgive me for not finishing my original post. Once I get the NVIDIA screen with the unformatted text, it won't let me finish the install. I get an error. I will have to rerun it again to post the error Will do shortly. Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  7. Hey guys, I need to know how to install the latest NVIDIA drivers (190.53) without using the System > Administration > Install & Remove Software GUI utility. I've already downloaded the file: NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-190.53-pkg2.run The reason I am asking is that I do not believe that they are installed properly. For instance, with other versions of Linux distros (i.e. Ubuntu, etc), when I make the background of the CLI transparent, I could see other windows behind it, right now I see a degraded copy of the background pictures that I currently have. Not to mention that it is choppy if I move the window around. Another thing is that with the background that I have, the gradients to other colors isn't smooth, you see layers. I have tried switching to the CLI: Alt+F7 Logged in. SU (switching user to ROOT) <entered root password> Navigating to the directory with the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-190.53-pkg2.run file. Executed: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-190.53-pkg2.run I do get the NVIDIA screen, however all of the spaces and formatting is incorrect. So, how do I install the latest version of the NVIDIA drivers? Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
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