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  1. Looking at /var/log/syslog might help. Kieth
  2. Just curious as to the effectiveness of this script now. Here's what I get when I use it. I've used it many a time in the past, but I never received this answer.
  3. I'm using this kernel, i686-linux-3.0.4-desktop-nrj.69mib, and I'm still having problems. I tried loading 3.0.7, but for some reason it won't work. 3.0.8 is almost ready, so I'll install it and see if it works. Kieth
  4. Thank you much!! Yeh, I can see some of the differences from that other post. Thanks again, Kieth
  5. After reading other posts, I also checked my two hard drives with smartctl. Of course I do not know what the output means :huh: so I was wondering if someone could tell me if there are any problems. Thanks, Kieth
  6. Try looking at this errata page. It might help. here
  7. I just noticed that I posted yesterdays log. Here's todays. Thanks again, Kieth
  8. I'm having problems with my computer, as it turns off by itself, and I found a couple of old posts that talked about a problem between the router and a cache overflow. In fact, below is a bit of my syslog from this morning, which shows a cache overflow. My computer blocked up this morning, the I pushed the reset, but it didn't restart. Then after a bit, it came on. According to the log below, is there a connection between my router problems and my computer going off by itself? Thanks, Kieth
  9. Freguent backups? Mmm, that would be a big change!! :P Bad habits are hard to change! :sad: Gotta start a new thread ian, because I might have to buy that computer yet. This one is giving me problems, but it might be Mandriva and not the hardware. Thanks, Kieth
  10. OK, thanks. I'll see what I can do. Thanks again, Kieth
  11. I decided to keep this one until it rolls over and dies. I'll just make frequent backups. :)
  12. OK, it went down, and this is the results of the commands you gave me. Ideas? Thanks, Kieth
  13. Ooops! I forgot to put down the details of the computer!! There are a couple of others already assembled, too.
  14. Unfortunately, I gotta get another computer. :sad: An old computer with some even older parts has decided to start limping. Since €€€€ is always a problem, I found this computer for sale, and I have been checking around to see if all of it is compatible with my beloved Mandriva, and it seems be, but just to make sure, I'm asking your opinion. Also, this is a store that builds computers, so I can obviously make some changes. Help? Ideas on changes? Thanks bunches, Kieth
  15. :D OK, Thanks! Hopefully I won't loose my connection B) , but when and if I do, I'll use the commands you gave. Thanks again, Kieth
  16. :) Thanks for the info. When it goes down, I'll run the commands. In the meantime, here is the result of those 2 commands. I pinged (like the guy had me do on WXP) and, but they never stop! I let it go up to 100 pings, then hit alt-f4, which killed console. How do I make it stop? Thanks again. Kieth
  17. A few minutes ago I didn't have internet, so I called my server provider to complain. He asked me to check the modem, and it was "blinking" (therefore communicating). So then he asked me to go to WXP, and sure enough, there was internet service. He had me do some checking (command pcconfig? and then ping my gateway). All was OK. I then rebooted to Mandy, and I have internet. So something isn't quit right. Here are the commands you mentioned. Here is the contents of ifcfg-eth0 again. Here is the present results of one command, again. How's it look? Thanks bunches, Kieth
  18. Thanks for the info and help and clarifications. I think I fixed up everything the "right" way!! :) Let me see, this was the content to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 I went into MCC, and unchecked the box to allow users to manage the connection. And this wass the result of ps aux | grep -i dhcp Next, I ran the kill commands. I brought up the connection with Lastly, I used this command: I rebooted, and I have Internet service! :) Thanks again. Kieth
  19. Thanks, got it. Your explanation helped me find the problem. I had previously setup Mandriva to use the standard Ethernet connection only, but it still wouldn't work. I just had to mark the box "Allow users to manage the connection". Thanks, Kieth
  20. With my new modem, I'm not able to get it to start at boot. In MCC, I've tried different ways to get it to hook up, but each time it says it fails. Strange thing though. Even though it says it fails, it gives me an internet connection. Of course, once I log out, the connection is closed, and I have to go through the ordeal again. I disabled ipv6 in firefox, but it didn't help. The protocol that I have to use is PPPoE (or PPPoA if the previous isn't supported). On another web site, someone mentioned knowing the output of this command: and this command: When I ran the above command, it killed my internet service, and I had to run MCC again to get it up. Of course, as I said, MCC said there were problems, but it still gave me internet service. Here's what it said (and always says): Any ideas on how to resolve the problem? Thanks, Kieth
  21. You can access "configure your desktop", then "shortcuts and gestures". There you can click on "standard keyboard shortcuts", and enter the shortcut you desire.
  22. These are the services I have on and off. Are there others I can safely turn off, and are there any that I turned off that I should have on? Thanks, Kieth
  23. lsb_release -d; uname -r Description: Mandriva Linux 2010.2
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