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  1. So I would be able to read/write the network drive just like any local folder with no problems in Mandriva? I want to listen music from it too. I've only used fish protocol and nxserver.
  2. Hi! I think of purchasing Lacie Network Space, but I can't find anywhere if it's compatible with Mandriva or any other distro. Have you tried LNS with Linux, do you need Windows to set it up, how does it work? :unsure: I've never had a similar ethernet hd. Thanks!
  3. I suggest you use NoMachine NXserver instead of VNC, from my experience it's a superior remote desktop solution. http://www.nomachine.com/
  4. Yea, but it's daunting to answer those questions every time, even for me. I just want to start up and go. All those questions could be answered the first time you try to access internet, etc. Besides those questions are not something a person who just uses his computer at home and at work as a regular user would and should know, particularly the network settings. Besides PCLinuxOS really is too Windows like (icons and sounds, and the look). I want to show Linux, not a Windows clone. Maybe I'll really opt for Ubuntu...
  5. Humm, ok, I'll give Ubuntu live cd a try, but only to see if it would be good to a Linux newb. Over the years I have tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu several times and it always has frustrated me even more than Slack, I like pure Debian better. The longest it has stayed installed on my box was three days. And thanks for your suggestion on MCNLive, Chris! I hadn't heard of that distro before (happily using what works for me). And I will also try out Sidux. I have a hunch I might like it, Kanotix was really nice.
  6. Meh, PCLinuxOS has the same questionare at startup as Mandriva. Those technical questions really can scare away newbies. Besides it painfully tries to be Windows like. I'll download Sidux after work.
  7. I really just want to show off Linux to someone who hasn't experienced it before, and I want it to be a nice experience. p.s. I just finished downloading PCLinuxOS
  8. Hi, one my work colleague has become interested in trying out Linux, and I promised him to give him a live cd. Can you please advise me a total Linux newbie friendly live distro? I wouldn't like him to try out Ubuntu, because I think the way Ubuntu is organized, is wrong. :P And I wouldn't like him to try out Mandriva One, because, as excellent of a distro I find it to be (I run it installed on my laptop), the first startup asks very many questions concerning the make and everything else, I would like him to try something that works right out of the box without too much question answering. Kanotix is nice, but hasn't been really been updated since 2005 or something, so what else is there? If there is nothing else, I'll consider Ubuntu.... Thanks!
  9. I have an Intel3945 card, MDV works on both 2007 and 2007 spring with no problems. :)
  10. Thanks for the advice! I will install ssh now. :)
  11. No, I don't. Should I? Sorry, I'm a total newb in networking and everything related, just a few months ago got my second computer.
  12. I reinstalled drakxtools, and it seems that it solved the problem with wireless, but because of dependencies lots of other packages were removed. I'm reinstalling them now.
  13. Hi, I have a FC pc and a Mandriva 2007.1 laptop. I can connect from my Mandriva laptop through fish:// to my FC pc, but I can't connect from my FC pc to laptop. I have a WLAN network. Would you have any idea what might be the problemm, or at least which computer has the problem? Thanks
  14. Instructions are here: http://www.mandrivausers.org/easyurpmi/index.php Then run MCC (Settings->Configure your computer) and in the Software Installer search for ipw3945, install everything with ipw3945. Those are the drivers for the wireless.
  15. What distribution are you using? If it's Mandriva, have you configured urpmi?
  16. Yes, first time I hear about now there's a free membership too.
  17. You can install the newest version right away any way, just install the final release candidate (or was it cooker), and then, after the newest "gold version" is released, just configure your urpmi to think that the new main is the source for updates, run update, and voila - you have the new Mandriva on the release day!
  18. Nah, I'm quite set in my ways. After I find something that I really like, I don't change it. link
  19. Heh, it's been probably over a year since I haven't changed the way my desktop looks. :D
  20. Meh, Mandrakesoft is notoriously infamous for their awful customer (non)service. Awful management!
  21. My model has an Intel wifi card, works with no problems after downloading the driver through urpmi.
  22. Tosh laptops are traditionally bad and break often, avoid them. When looking about compatability with Linux, check the wireless card the laptop is using, because most of the time that's the biggest problem. Broadcom wifi cards are a disaster, Intel are mostly painless. Don't know about core duo, as I have never had a computer with that. Please find the code for Asus and we might know something more.
  23. okay, now I have something under local network I now see my LAN pc IP's, but when I click on a particular one and then one step down on a folder named NFS, I get this message: Authorisation failed, 192.16.bla.bla aythentication not supported. ??? oh, and how do I disable fish?
  24. Hi! I need to set up a network folder (a partition actually) which is hosted on my home desktop with FC6, so that I can add and delete files on it also from my Mandriva laptop. Now, the situation is stupid, I've probably shared my /share folder by now on god knows where just not my local lan... The interesting bit is, that if I write fish:// and enter my user password I can freely browse and manage files on my FC6 from my laptop, so there IS some kind of network there, just not the network folder setup I need... So please, in some easy steps, how do I do it? :unsure:
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