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  1. Hmm...disable compiz, remove the hidden file /home/username/.config/compiz and reenable compiz afterwards, then try if it fails again. Basically, a simple click should disable the wobbling windows. At least it does on my machines.
  2. The compiz configuration manager allows to enable or disable the wobbly windows. If they still wobble... are you sure you are using compiz and not metisse?
  3. Is this enough? http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html http://www.criminaljusticeusa.com/blog/200...nows-about-you/ http://www.intuitive.com/blog/is_google_be...ig_brother.html Just "google" for "google + big brother" and you will find tons of stuff, from newspapers, individuals, governments and lawyers who share my view. Very funny. With dozens of IT-Companies seeing cloud-computing as the "unrivalled future", it will be only a matter of time until virtual applications on Googles servers will be forced down the throat of users who are not IT-Experts. Yes, most users are "stupid" when it comes to IT-Technology and Internet-Security. And they need to be protected.
  4. Errm... cloud computing actually LEADS to vanishing privacy. Read tymes post and think a little bit further ahead. You will not only store business-stuff on Googles servers but also your personal correspondences, maybe your correspondences with doctors, lawyers and whatdoiknow. And do you honestly believe that Google will not use the vast information available there in order to adjust e.g. their advertisement-placement, the special offers you get, the new tools that will be developed, theat they will not use the data in order to maximize their profit? Wake up.
  5. Alternatively, if seamonkey becomes too google infested, you could still use Opera, Epiphany or Konqueror ... or links. :D
  6. Another not-needed Linux distro ... and one smelling like "big brother". I will definitely never ever touch it. People should be more careful with Google IMHO as the company became way too powerful and never really played fair. Plus: Their will to collect all possible data from everyone is very disturbing and cloud-computing makes this so much easier for them. Shall I help them to get more information about me, my family, my job, my friends as they already have by using their software? Nope. Google is doing more or less what Bill Gates once wanted to do but never managed to do: concentrate all information in one place and gain a monopoly - or let's say a very dominant position.
  7. Story here: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Tmax-1013937.html and here (screenshot included) http://cosmic.mearie.org/2009/07/tmax-window/ I wonder if they will get sued, using Linux, BSD, ReactOS and Windows technology ... according to the second article. :unsure:
  8. Get back on topic and continue the discussion in a civilized manner, please. tux99: I will close it immediately, if the TO (david) requests it to be closed or if you guys misbehave. Otherwise it will remain open.
  9. Now, this is getting very unfriendly and I will not tolerate any further mishbehaviour from any of you. Either all of you behave well and stop pointing fingers at each other or I will close this thread. This is the second warning. There won't be a third.
  10. Hey hey hey... calm down everyone. We don't need to get at each others throat. Okay?
  11. My two cents: I can understand wobos reaction and the decisions made by the german community. Do I back them? Mostly. Mandriva has once again proven that the company somehow doesn't care about it's community (or doesn't know of it's importance), about it's customers (remember: many of their community mambers are also their customers!), about the people who are responsible for paying the cheques of the Mandriva staff. However, I am convinced that this all has not happened the way it happened because Mandrivas employees are "bad, evil, and non-caring capitalists" but because Mandriva simply has no one who is or feels really responsible, no one who actually can coordinate the corporate communications. They seriously lack some qualified personell IMHO. They need a qualified CEO, a qualified PR-Staff, and a good marketing division. Mandriva has actually never had this. And this has kept them from making any advances during the last ten years. And it has caused them trouble over and over again. I am also pretty sure, that prior to the LinuxTag something very serious happened behind the scenes (Staff clashing? Staff not knowing what to do with the CEO out of business? People being expelled?) at the headquarters that made everyone more than nervous. But whatever happens, never ever should any employee give answers the way Mandrivas staff did -which is a sign of incompetence. I would have waited a few days, then kindly asked for an explanation for their behaviour. If they still behave like clowns then, then it's okay to cut ties with Mandriva IMHO.
  12. Ouch! I had expected that at least some francophone countries and/or Brasil (where Conectiva vcame from) would demand some Mandriva-experts. I hope that they get back on the right track. The product is top-quality, their business-skills and marketing skill are - as discussed earlier - a completely different thing. BTW: I had expected SUSE/Novell to be a bit more prominent these days. But apparently, fighting against Red Hat (which is admittedly damn stable) is a pretty tough job.
  13. Well, I do copy hundreds of 5-12MB files (jpg and raw photos) on a regular basis - but I am copying them from the USB-Card-reader (2, 4 and 8 GB CF-Ultra III-cards) to the harddisk, not from harddisk A to harddisk B, so no wonder I do not notice massive time differences. And after all, if it takes a few seconds longer, I have more time left for drinking some coffee. B)
  14. I also gave JFS a shot roughly one year ago (when I used Arch) but I didn't experience any better or worse performance when using JFS instead of ext3. Is there a significant difference between ext3 and JFS? And are there some benchmark-tests that compare ext4 to JFS that you know of? Would be interesting.
  15. *cough* Nice that you know better than myself what "I" (or others) did for Mandriva to become a better distro. Before you point any fingers, please do your homework. I submitted and verified bugreports and tested cooker, I have helped here and on the official Mandriva IRC-channel for free whenever I could, I created icons for Mandriva in my spare time, I collected information on how to improve Mandriva and shared the information with the company, stayed in touch with them, I propageted the distribution on other sites, I wrote several positive Mandriva-reviews, I burned and shared dozens CD-images with newcomers to linux. And you tell us that we have no reason to complain because we don't improve Mandriva? Sorry pal, but that's utter nonsense. Anyway, with Mandriva being a company run by CEOs whose business-skills are imho very questionable, the influence we have in Mandrivas success and improvement is VERY limited. The programmers do a good job and create a good quality distro on a regular basis - but Mandrivas business-policy is a joke.
  16. Welcome aboard. :) On my Desktop, the messengers do work okay, so the first question is: Have you altered your network-settings or IM-settings in any way (e.g. blocked ports in a firewall)? If it worked before, then you probably changed something by accident. Edit: Okay,... just noticed your found the solution.
  17. I used ext4 for a short time and yes, it feels a bit snappier than ext3. But like you, I had some concerns about stability. And as these are my work-systems and no "play-around-and-let-them-crash" computers, I decided to stick with ext3 for a little bit longer. I guess in 6 months or so, it will be pretty safe to migrate to ext4 as default filesystem - if the developers (mainly debian and Red Hat community afaik) continue to work as hard as they did the last months. Anyway, ext4 is a very interesting and promising filesystem imho.
  18. Errrm....? They felt that AdamW, who was the man behind the bugtracker and triage team during the last year(s), was expendable and now ask the community for help, for doing what AdamW did without paying a dime? :huh: Very clever business tactics.
  19. Um... errm... haven't tested it yet with ndiswrapper (forgot about that option...). Will give it a try. :blush: edit: Works with ndiswrapper in fedora and sidux, works out of the box with ubuntu 9.04 and Mandriva 2009.1
  20. Some time ago, there was a kernel problem with the audio driver in some distros. See e.g. here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller http://www.nabble.com/-Bug-49814--pulseaud...2991694i20.html and here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/l....22/+bug/131133 Maybe you ran into a persisting bug.
  21. Do you have the appropriate codecs installed for playing the audio and/or video files?
  22. Hi, being stupid, I bought a D-Link DWA-140 USB WLAN stick and - big ooops! - forgot to check if it works with Linux. I roamed the net and found that there are drivers available that need to be compiled against the kernel (Ralink 2080), but the latest kernel in Fedora (anything later than 2.6.20) apparently refuses to compile with the driver. Meh... So no wireless for my old Laptop yet - unless I boot into Win XP. Simple question: Does anyone know it it works with any of the current or older Mandriva releases or maybe some other distro out of the box? :unsure: And yes,... I am lazy and don't want to compile if possible ('been so long since I compiled something the last time...). :P
  23. If everything is completely messed up, try a reinstall, if that also results in disaster, then it is probably a harddisk-problem. Using a diagnostics-tool would be the next step. And yeah... some more information on the kind of error-messages would be useful.
  24. Uh... had forgotten about that. Heh... anyway, there is a backup-option available. :)
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