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No microphone on Aspire 1410, Mandriva 2010

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I cannot get the internal microphone to work on my Acer Aspire 1410. It does work in Windows 7, so I know the hardware is OK. I cannot get any recording in Mandriva 2010. I have opened kmix and ensured it is not muted, and I raised the mic and mic boost levels. I also twiddled the "front mic" vs "internal mic", but with no results.


When the mic levels are high and the mic is not muted, I get soft white noise from the speakers. Muting the mic drops this out. This happens regardless of whether front or internal mic is selected, and regardless of whether "Capture" is checked or not. I don't know if this is significant.


With front mic selected, when I playback my recording, I hear noise. With internal mic selected, when I playback I hear nothing at all.


One other potentially interesting thing. I have shown all of my channels, and while there is a slider for "front mic", there is not one for "internal mic". Again, I don't know if this is significant.


I would appreciate any tips and suggestions. I started by using Skype for testing the audio, but this was cumbersome, so now I'm using Sound Recorder.


Kernel is Same thing happened with desktop kernel; tried to change in case it made a difference.

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Similar issue here with Mandriva 2010 on a Toshiba laptop. Speakers work on one boot, not the next; or maybe for a few times then not at all; microphone has never worked.


Using desktop install with latest kernel update.


Any suggestions?

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I have a similar issue using MCN live kris however it uses mandriva 2010 but with Skype-2..1.0.81.tar.bz2 I extracted it and followed the README telling me where to put the files then I tried it as user, it seemed to work, normal skype sounds when dialing

the test web site but no microphone, I looked at the options and noticed that it was being run by pulse audio, I had a similar issue

with pulseaudio in a different distro and was able to disable it but have not found success in mandriva 2010, I know that once it was disabled i was able to use the mic. I have a ALC272 codec and alsa 1.0.20 driver

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I got hold of a plug in micro-phone, it works now its a puzzle perhaps pulse audio can use the built-in mic but presently it is pointed at the mic jack input called "internal Audio Analog Stereo"

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Guest TyB

The solution is in the mic balance:


(1) Install the pulse audio volume control app 'pavucontrol'

(2) At the Input Devices tab of pavucontrol, set the front left channel to 90% and the front right channel to 10%.

(3) If using Skype, ensure 'allow skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels' is not selected





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I have another issue.. I have a Dell Vostro Laptop. the issue is I can listen sound through speaker but not on headphones. I tried a lot but no idea whats wrong?? but I installed same Mandriva2010soring with Samsung RV508 laptop but it works fine.


is this a hardware issue?? coz I did not try any other OS to test it..

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