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  1. mikejr

    Oh No!!!

    Crossover I had to dig up an old DWMX Trial CD.
  2. mikejr

    Oh No!!!

    Just a follow up: It's better than anything else I've found for linux. But it's still not nearly as good as running under win. The directory system is screwy, many of the little features (niceties) don't work, and the balance is still kind of buggy. Bottom line, use it under Windows, especially if your making a living at it as it is simply not time-effective to try to use under linux. Bluefish or Quanta are what I have started using for small hand-code issues that come up a page at a time. Edit: It never did crash on me :)
  3. So if I set the samba usernames and passwords(in webmin or linux) to the Windows values it should work? That makes sense, except for the fact that the first win98 machine did not need this... Edit: tried syncing the usernames/password w/ the windows box, didn't work.
  4. Ok guys, here is the lay of the land: Linux box (server) running Mandrake 10 samba/webmin Various local PC's running Win98, Win2k and Winxp. One the Win2k boxes, browsing the "network neighborhood shows the server, upon opening it prompts for a username and password. Both win2k boxes can connect fine. On the win98 boxes, clicking on the server in network neighborhood brings up just a password prompt, no username. I was able to get one win98 box up by typing in her password, I guess it decides who the user is according to the password? The other win98 box was not so lucky, it just keeps prompting for password. The only difference between the two is that the 1st(working) boxes user was already there. I created the other and made sure passwords matched ect... WinXP. None working. Prompts for a username and password, none of which seem to work. Any ideas or suggestions? I've been dicking with this for two days after removing WIn95 from the original server
  5. It is the only computer named localhost.
  6. I set up samba in accordance w/ this page: http://static.kdenews.org/content/siddhuwa...rrier/20030610/ I can see the computer on the network as localhost, but when I try to connect I get "//Localhost is not accessible: a duplicate name exists on the network" I have specified a users Documents folder as one to be shared. What am I missing? Is there an easy way to do what I'm trying to do (like win) I have a LAN that is win based, I have this linux box that I would like use as a file server across the network. That's it. Thanks - Mike
  7. File Sharing across a lan only.
  8. Ok guys, I got the Aptiva working(slowly) It will be connected to a windows LAN, how can I set it up as a local server? ANy suggestions? Mike
  9. Just decided to reinstall since it was fresh anyway.
  10. OK, I found an old Aptiva and installed 10.0 on it. Everything went great until boot up, the resolution is too high 1028xwhatever. How can I reduce this via command line? When I type kde - it startts then crashed due to insufficient video memory to support the resolution. Mike
  11. If it's just a single project - Download the Dreamweaver trial, do it on Windows and be done with it. Is she trying to pass the class? Some of Frontpages code is horrific - then again Yahoo site builder and a free account will let her get an A in all likelyhood. From what I've seen, unless it is a web development class the teacher's expectations are pretty low ;)
  12. I saw that - but couldn't figure out how to install it....
  13. mikejr

    Oh No!!!

    I did a small site just now with it, it seemed fine barring the css handling of 04 (more hand coding). Installation was a breeze - it did install into the good ole C: drive, and all files are stored on some sort of virtual C: drive. When defining a site, you can not create a new folder - so the folder structure needs to be there. Previewing is fine - though KDE sees my default browser as Koqueror (which is fine with me). Other than that - the font is a bit different, but everything seems to work ok. No crashes yet :) Ammendment: I appears that previewing in the browser does not work... Probably a setting that needs to be tweaked. :huh:
  14. mikejr

    Oh No!!!

    Ha ha ha... It's alive!
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