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  1. it will be cool when 2.6 will be "complete"
  2. nope, didn't work... here's a screenshot, it will better explain
  3. Ok I had Gnome 2.4 installed (from cooker) in my 10.0 CE box. then, I do my updates, wich gives me a nice 2.6 Splash screen...and my icons became all white paper, and in almost all Icons (even in the gnome center) they've got the prefixe .desktop, wich render those unusable o_0 how do I fix this mess? thanks for your answers..
  4. hmmm..so we're guetting Gnome 2.6 with the Official....good :D
  5. w00t, it would be cool :P I installed Gnome 2.4 recently...it had some things like 2.6, it was weird..
  6. that was so fun :P by the way, you can run it in safe mode so your files stays okay :P
  7. yeah but it's still isn't an RC...it's not final either..so we should just call it CE..warn the people that this isn't a final product, but isn't an RC either...
  8. I really like Amule, and it's dispo on urpmi... (urpmi amule) easy and cool :P
  9. will we ever stop to argue about this? even if it is or not an RC, it's new name is CE and we must abide by the change... think a sec about those newbies that WILL get confused if we continue to ague about this change..
  10. lol...let's go, we should recall the Internet "the matrix" :P
  11. open yourself a Child panel, and play with it :P I use Fluxbox often, but I think it's as advanced as I want him to be...guess I'll just have to wait for the 1.0 version...Meanwhile, I can't decide myself between KDE and Gnome...KDE is cool and all but I don't like the general feeling of it but Gnome is displaying all with a feel of "bigness"..by the way if someone can give me advice on how to remove this big feeling, it would be cool....
  12. you should read the faq about urpmi...wait, I'll get the link... FAQs about URPMI
  13. he should be able to compile the new without uninstalling the old... but like Scoopy said, if it's not necessary, you should use the RPMs (urpmi, just do in a terminal as su: urpmi gimp2)
  14. urpmi gimp2 did the trick for me...
  15. Merovingian= Matrix 2, the "french guy" :P
  16. hum...yeah..I thought I did know but it was the wrong host name :S
  17. cooker = I did and it worked. Konstruct: you don't want to touch that...I tried myself 6 times, with 6 new installs and it never worked...you should be able to get KDE 3.2 through urpmi cooker easily, just remember to do it from another WM/DE or from the shell....
  18. I'll get used to it someday lol :P
  19. that or compile manually ;) welcome to the board! :)
  20. question...when will gnome 2.6 will be available trough cooker? in a couple days? weeks? months? lol
  21. I've been using Photoshop for like two years...I can use Gimp, but I have a hard time learning...it's just not as easy as PS, even if some things are easier (And by thw way, I still have to figure out how does the writing tool works exactly, and how can I make some attribute to it right from the start...)
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