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  1. Hello all, I'm running Mandriva One 2008.1 and i've got this new dual screen setup at work. It's running two Dell 1907fpv screens on a Matrox Millennium G series both connected in Analog (the screen or something else would not with the digital connection). So evrything is connected and i can get both screens to work as one big screen with Xinerama but only after going to the Mandriva Control Center to perform a screen test and relog (exiting the session and starting a new one) otherwise only the 1st screen is displaying. Now for the wierdest part : i know that the second screen is active as i can travel to it with the mouse, it's just "sleeping" (not displaying anything) until i wake it up with the test... Any ideas or suggestions !? Thanks ! jpm
  2. Ok, problem solved completely. So to open remote files (.xls, .doc, etc) on a windows server... 1. you have to mount the drive - just connecting to it won't work. 2. you'll want to automate the mounting at bootup. For #2 simple solution : 1st : have your system recognize the remote drive using Samba config in Mandriva Control Center... After this step, it sould look something like this in the etc/fstab file : UUID=1151304d-0810-4b44-8059-fe9f6ddd14aa / ext3 defaults 1 1 //server0/data /home/jp/data cifs domain=cora,user=user,pass=pass 0 0 2nd : add a mount command, which should look something like this[ mount -t cifs //server/data /home/data -o user=user,pass=pass ], to the S99local script in etc/rc5.d folder and give "execute read and write" wrights to the S99local script with the chmon 755 command. And Voilà ! jpm
  3. Well here mine for the time being. Simple Mandriva with Metacity and Devil's pie for the transparent terminal. jpm
  4. So i've read elswhere that fstab was readed too early in the boot process to get any network drive mounted... The solution would be to have an autostart - as Yves had mentioned - but the problem i see is that only the root user can mount a drive once the system is up... Now i see that this might be another thread, i'll let the moderator decide, but in the mean time if you have any thoughts i'd be interested. jp
  5. Well, it seams that it won't be so easy after all... fstab won't mount the server's drive. Obviously the string generated by Mandriva Control Center didn't work. Here's the code : # Entry for /dev/hda2 : UUID=1151304d-0810-4b44-8059-fe9f6ddd14aa / ext3 defaults 1 1 //serveur0/data /home/jp/data smbfs credentials=/etc/samba/auth.serveur0.jp 0 0 I've had a look at the auth.server0.jp file, user, pass and domain are correct... And yes, i've replaced smbfs with cifs on all tries. I've also tried Ian's code, the logical extention to my mount command : //server0/data /home/jp/data cifs user=jp,pass=mypass 0 0 ...but it didn't work. Yves, your solution seams a bit complex as it sould work from fstab... So i don't get it, any thoughts? Thanks to all! jpm
  6. Problem solved ! It does work if the win drive is mounted. So far i've mounted the drive manually with : mount -t cifs //server/data /home/jp/data -o user=jp,pass=mypass... Now i guess i just have to add that to the fstab and everything sould work out fine. Thanks to all. Cheers jpm
  7. Mounting the drive also came to my mind... I tried it through Mandriva control center, i see the network and the drives acces the drives and get to the point where the mounting is actually done but i would alway end up with an error. The message actually said nothing usefull : An error has occured, disk could not be mounted. Which type of error - no idea. I'll try to get more info on mouting those drives - maybe manualy and i'll get back to you if i end's up working. Thanks Ian - BTW any thoughts on the mouting problem? jpm
  8. Thanks ianw1974... i'm 1973 ;-) That link from Nautilus to .xls and .doc is allready there. And has i mentionned, if i put (copy) the same file (the ones that won't open from the server) on my desktop OOo will open them without any problem. Told'you it was a tricky problem... jpm
  9. Thanks Tyme, using Abiword to open the file was a good idea, but it did not work. One thing i forgot to mention is that i can open all word or excel files on the server from within OOo. The other thing that could lead to some answer is that the error message that i get from the system is that there is nothing to open that type of file (.doc or .xls) - and that's an "smb" error message. jpm
  10. Hello all, i've got some kind of a strange problem. Here goes. I've got Mandriva 2008.1 installed at the office - i'm trying to demonstrate usability of linux at work. Now, whenever i connect to the company's windows server, i can see every file and browse the server's data. I can open pdf file or jpg files that are on the server but i cannot open xls or doc files (all files that should be opened with Ooo). If i copy those files on my desktop i can open them - so it's not a simple "local" Ooo config problem... Any ideas !? Thanks, jpm
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