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  1. Did you mean you tried to install or did you try boot from a DOS disk? I think any "boot" disk (whether DOS or windows) should be able to fire up the computer enough to get you to dos prompt where you could then run a:fdisk and clean out your partitions and reformat. If you have a set of DOS install disks, disk one should be bootable. If not, try here: http://dos.li5.org/
  2. I guess a couple more shots in the dark won't hurt. Be sure the plug and play option is set to Non-pnp OS in your bios setup. Also, about a year ago, I found I could not install Mandrake due to a drive overlay that had reproduced itself from an old Compaq harddrive onto my newer replacements. It was called EZ bios and was a bitch to get rid of. I could try and dig up the info if you need this.
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    didn't I just see this somewhere? http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=663
  4. I would try to install using the fewest number of packages. Just enough to get Mandrake up and running. Choose new install and the expert install option. You can always add stuff later.
  5. This problem is between your video card and the Xfree server. I had the same problem with a S3 Virge card in Mandrake 8 and 8.2. I had to use Xfree 3.3.6 to correct this --- as the card was not supported in the newer 4.0 versions at the time. I am not sure of the current support or situation in MDK 9 as I have snagged a Nvidia card now. Xfree 3.3.6 should work just the same as 4.x.x, but without 3d accelleration support needed for the games. I can go into more detail on the steps I took to get mine fixed - if you would like me too.
  6. Just upgraded my motherboard and I was hoping something like kudzu would be there to help me in updating the system. But on the restart - surprise - kudzu was not there. Seeing I was left without a mouse and I am not a command line type, I settled for a reboot with CD1 and ran it throught till system config and it has gotten me back in business, but I want to make sure things are all updated. How should I have done this and should everything affected by the new mobo and processor be listed under harddrake2 now or what should I check to be sure that there won't be problems down the road? tia
  7. I had just installed the rpm's I downloaded somewhere (PLF site maybe?) Seems to be working. I tested using glxgears and it told me it was running at between 800 to 1000 frames per second (or is it every 5 secs). I have a tnt2 riva card and was wondering if this is about right? I will try tuxracer shortly and see how that runs. Last I tried was with 8.2 and an older S3 card, which I was able to get running, but was practically unplayable due to the choppiness. How should tux run with this setup now? thanks
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