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  1. Run this in a command prompt: rpm -qa | sort | xargs -n 1 -t rpm -V &> /home/<username>/Desktop/rpm-Va.txt | exit What it does is it scans your system for all RPMS installed, their associated files, and whether any of those files are missing, and creates a file on your desktop with this information. If any missing files are found, then reinstall the RPMS associated to the missing files. In your case, I would also reinstall the RPM that borked manually. Use: rpm -ivh <messed up rpm>.rpm --force Without the --force at the end, you'll be informed that the package is already installed and stop.
  2. My bad.... I didn't notice there was a 2nd page to this thread.
  3. It is on the site you mentioned: http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/pub/linux/Mandrakel...install/images/
  4. Hello all! I am in the process of downloading the new Mandriva 2008 and was thinking about partitioning. I've noticed since 2007.0 that Mandriva now offers LVM as a partitoning scheme. I've always stuck to my existing partitioning scheme, but it seems that this is the route most Linux distros are going. I was wondering about people's experience with LVM. I have had my partitioning scheme in place since Mandrake 9.x. It's very broken up (in case anything happens to a particular partition, it will not hose the rest of my system). I currently have /, /usr, /usr/local, /home, /tmp, /var and /boot each on their own partitions (and of course my swap partition). Would it make sense to move to LVM or keep my existing partitions? I have 3 machines partitioned in this manner (again due to successful experience). Mandrake 2007.0 AMD Athlon64 3500+ 2GB RAM ATI All-In-Wonder X600 MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
  5. That all depends on what fonts you had installed. I would recommend the Liberation Fonts, the MSTTCoreFonts and the WebCore Fonts. Also, if you're interested, the TTFBitstreamVera fonts. That's what I always start with.
  6. Well... I tried your suggestions and it still won't work. I recently updated my ffmpeg and that may be part of the problem. I do get a ffmpeg error: ffmpeg: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libavformat.so.51: undefined symbol: av_crc04C11DB7 So.... I'm planning on updating to Mandriva 2008 soon. Hopefully that will fix my problem. I'll keep you posted.
  7. I've checked Google and searched all kinds of documentation online, but it seems that they all show how to convert a video file to MP4 format. I have a MP4 file and want to convert it/burn it to DVD so that I may view it on my DVD player. Does anybody know how I can accomplish this? Is there a need? Do DVD players recognize an MP4 file? I'm familiar with converting an AVI to MPG and creating the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders with their associated files. I am using Mandriva Linux 2007 on an AMD64 machine with 2GB RAM. Are there any specific programs that I may need? I have most video/audio RPMs installed.
  8. Yeah.... I understand how the updates work, but like I had said it's been falling behind. Thanks for the update, Adam.
  9. It seems like the update repositories have not been working lately? They seem to be falling behind in updates when compared to the Security Advisories. Does anybody know what is going on?
  10. Well.... thanks for the replies guys. I thought I had found a way to keep my 2006 updated, but alas, I am left with finding an alternative. I'm not sure if I will keep 2006 on it or upgrade to a newer version of Mandriva, or find something that is more in line with what I am trying to accomplish. I might look into MNF.
  11. Oh... yeah.... crap! I guess you're right. Is there any other way to update 2006 without downloading the SRC RPM for all the updates and re-compile?
  12. Can an Unsupported Mandriva 2006 distribution be updated with Mandriva Corporate Server 4 updates? They appear to be similar distributions. I love my 2006 as it is, but I would hate to have it fall to an attack based on an unpatched package that has been updated in a future version, specifically referring to the Shorewall, Bind, Squid, Samba and DHCP packages.
  13. Well... it looks like I've solved this problem as well. After spending the day googling all kinds of ACPI issues and trying various things, the computer finally spent an evening without locking upon Suspend. Actually, I was shocked to find that it worked. Basically, I followed the steps on this site: gentoo-wiki.com. It is geared towards Gentoo Linux, but I walked through it using great care to transform in to my specific distro (Mandriva Linux 2007.1 Spring). The real test will come if it can go through a week without locking up on me. Thanks for the help Adamw. I wonder if we need to put a dsdt.aml file on the /boot partition and add it to Mandriva's initrd process? I know that it would be different for everybody since everybody has different motherboards, but since the file is in /proc/acpi/, why can't we also copy it, or symlink it, to the /boot directory and add it to initrd?
  14. Well..... fixed the issue. In trying to resolve a problem with Suspend To Disk on this same machine, I solved this issue by adding a kernel option to my 2.6.17-14mdv line in Grub. I added 'noapic'. Now, I am able to boot into 2.6.17-14mdv with no problems. FYI - I had the Suspend To Disk issue before as well. But hey, one down, one to go. ----------- Adamw, I do have a NVidia card in this machine (NVidia GeForce 4200 Ti) using the nv96xx rpm package for it. ----------- Terry, you might be able to do something with the symlinks in the /boot partition to get it to use the old modules..... not sure though what this might do. [edited by tyme to fix link code. remember: no html code in posts, only bbcode]
  15. I seem to be experiencing a problem on my son's computer with Suspend To Disk. Suspend To Ram seems to work fine. After long periods of inactivity, the computer enters Suspend To Disk and is unable to wake. The mouse and keyboard are not functional; the monitor remains black. However, I am able to SSH into the box and access everything. But if I want to do anything physically on the box, I have to reboot it from within SSH (for a clean reboot) or hard boot it by holding the Power button in. The motherboard is a EPoX 4VKM3I with a P4 Coppermine CPU with multithreading; hence, it states I have 2 CPUs in it, even though I do not. The BIOS has the latest BIOS update. I have 1G RAM, 120G ATA HDD, DVD-RW, Princeton AGX900, PS2 Keyboard, USB Mouse. Although it is a desktop, I like the powersaving capabilities of laptops, hence why I use KPowersave (especially since my son tends to play sporadically throughout the day). I also force him to log off using cron before my other cron jobs go off (in case this was also a source of the problem). No good. Google searches for Suspend issues indicate files that I just do not seem to have in places where they should be. Not sure if this is correct for Mandriva. I will check on that and reinstall the necessary package if need be, but I thought I'd ask here in case people are experiencing the same thing. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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