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  1. Seems to be --- a bug without a fix, but I should be able to fix this file association manually... no? --- if I knew what belongs there. KDE is up to date (kdebase-3.1-83.3) Currently the command it executes is kfmclient openURL %u inode/directory Maybe someone has something else for this command ?
  2. UPDATE: this may clear up the problem. When I double-click on these problem folders I get this error window: There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror with inode/directory, but it can't handle this file type. Have no idea how this may have happened, but all the other folders don't give me this message. How would I clear this up? tia
  3. Thanks, but "user" can view all other folders owned by root --- except for these three. This is evidently a konqueror problem. I just tried with nautilus and everything is fine. I also tried deleting temp files in /home/.kde and /root/.kde, (except for ksycoca and ksycocastamp cause I was afraid to delete these) but this did nothing, so I am open to other suggestions.
  4. I am logged in as user 99.9 % of the time. I just checked --- as root --- and problem does not exist then. Now --- logged in as user --- When I right click and select properties/permission, the permissions of the folders are --- User: root Group:root --- the same as other folders that do not give me any problems. Also note: The one problem folder is on a fat32 drive and happens to be named "Linux". Two others are in /var/www/html/ which I moved from /home/scoopy via su and terminal. This is an ext 3 partition. Another question: The name of / seems to have vanished somewhere now cause when I right click "Root Directory" to check things and then close this window... OK brings up a sorry window and sez the new file name is empy, so I must choose cancel. I tried putting / or root in there and it seems to want to copy all 40 some gigs from all my drives to root.
  5. When I browse though my files using konqueror (KDE 3.1.0) I normally will click on a folder in the left pane and it would list the files contained within on the right side. But there are a few now --- for unknown reasons --- that refuse to show its contents, except if I expand the tree on the left, I can get to the files inside as long as they are inside a child folder. The permissions are the same as ones I can access without problem (root rwxrwxrwx or rwxrwxr-x).
  6. scoopy

    Modem Probs

    Welcome ! This place is very user friendly. First, If you want to get the SmartLink Winmodem working, you need to install the kernel-source package first. This will allow the makefile to compile... assuming make is installed too. Secondly, Your better off if you can keep the external modem (or get one of your own). I am not too sure about this one, but this should almost configure itself through the Mandrake Control Center (mcc) using the wizard.
  7. scoopy


    or try another file... too many different codecs out there.
  8. If i understand this: Char has installed from a set of MDK 9.1 CD's and would now like to upgrade his 9.1 system. Is this not the intended purpose of the upgrade feature on the install CD ? As opposed to upgrading a 9.0 system to 9.1, which has given much grief to many users. Although X and KDE are probally the two most problematic and might be better installing another way.
  9. If it is not too late... or for future referance: You can install xtart, which I believe is included on the CD's, and then at the prompt enter: Xtart this gives you the option of starting any other desktops you have installed like gnome.
  10. there is a glich with systems of 1 gig or more ram, see this: http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/errata.php3
  11. This might be of interest for your project. Its a php web-based site to develop documentation: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpdocu/ I just began to try and get this set up on my server, but ran into a problem with the code: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=5687 good luck and let me know if you try this and get it to work.
  12. Hey aru, You would not have been partying in Barcelona at the Spencer Tunick photo shoot yesterday by any chance now? :lol: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...in_sea_of_nudes
  13. scoopy

    php problem

    Trying out a new webbased php program and the page loads up to this point and it prints this on the index page: Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: html_treenode in /var/www/html/Documentor/docbuilder/includes/utilities.php on line 52 Here's line 52 (and 53) from utilities.php file: $node = new HTML_TreeNode(array('text' => basename(realpath($path)),'link'=> "",'icon' =>'folder.gif')); The last time I ran into a similiar problem with another php program all I had to do was fix some quotes on the problem line... this time I can't find any thing from google to help me. I have a newer version of php than needed and other php stuff runs good on my box. class HTML_TreeNode is listed in the TreeMenu.php file and I believe this is the part of the index page that is not functioning. Any ideas out there?
  14. Hope he knows javascript and php... cause I surely don't
  15. scoopy


    Did you install these rpms? mplayer mplayer-gui mplayer-skins mplayerplugin ... plus probally a few other depends that mandrake's installer took care of. I installed the rc4 version off the 9.1 download disks and it works fine... even plays QT files.
  16. Welcome! Have we installed the latest updates yet? Especially like drakconf ? Then try the wizards (expert mode) again. This seemed to help a bunch of users have similiar troubles.
  17. Just checked my 9.1 setup. user scoopy is checked in cdwriter group, but not for cdrom group. I Have access to to both drives and can burn cd's. :?:
  18. I am really liking k3b, but I haven't seen this program before installing 9.1. Maybe it's more of a KDE 3 app, which I don't know if or how difficult it would be to set up with 8.2.
  19. May need to install kernel-source.rpm here so these drivers will complete the compile process.
  20. welcome, Seeing your looking for a quickie here... I think it would be easier if we could see your connection from windows side. Click start/run/winipcfg and see what that sez. I would guess that if your on cable you would have DHCP enabled and I don't think you need all them numbers for Gateway, and DNS listed. Your domain should be more like or 192.168.0.x Maybe just clear this, and try the auto wizard in MCC?
  21. scoopy

    Wine install?

    I never had much luck, but what I know is that first you need to set up the config file. Once this is done properly you would issue a command in konsole such as: wine notepad.exe see this thread for some hints: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=1164 Just FYI, my problems I believe stem from windows and the apps I was trying to run were on a NT partition as thus not writable by Linux.
  22. I am not able to connect to either addy below. This is about 7 pm Eastern time. or www.pclinuxonline.com :(
  23. try this address: ftp://ftp.belnet.be/packages/mandrake/updates/9.1/RPMS and then for hdlist: ../9.1/base I don't know why, but this is what just worked from my browser.
  24. Nooooo.... say it ain't so. You used the upgrade feature? The upgrade option on a 9.1 disk is to upgrade a system allready running 9.1 (add more packages) Mdk must change this word asap. (I tried this the last two times now and have learned my lesson.) I believe you can recoup from this, but its gonna take a lot of work. Easiest to start over IMHO. Also a 9.1 fresh install has enough of its own problems let alone adding the convert from a 9.0 syste.
  25. I am not familiar with bittorrent, but I do believe the files are hashed the same way as with either donkey client, so I do believe something should work. I am just suggesting its worth a shot to try a few clients and see which works better for you. It's been a while since I used mldonkey, but I think they use the same servers as edonkey, or emule (windows only at this time) and they all offer a way to control your bandwidth too. The mldonkey v/s edonkey thing is coming from things I read on other forums/sites such as this one: http://forums.edonkey2000.com/phpBB/viewto...pic.php?t=45179
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