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  1. B) we agree w/ name. I am with you on this too... except we can't call it a mandrake star anymore :P
  2. Anychance we may get to see some well composed artistic photographs of this posted someplace ;)
  3. sorry johnnyv, Mandrake does not seem to be a possibility here. They screwed up and it is being taken away. But I like Tuxstar. It would fit Mandy's current logo of gold star very well. Unfortunately, the .com and .net are taken, although not much is being done with this site. I wonder if it is attainable ? Anyone know a Dorian Logan from kingston, surrey UK ?
  4. Probably not... and if history dictates anything here... it will be they will make another bad decision... BUT at least we can sleep at night knowing we tried.
  5. I think most would love to fight this battle and keep the Mandrake name... but it is irrelavent in reguards to the legal matter at hand. http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=24119&st=15#
  6. OK... me too I do remember hearing something about Coke's real original formula (that would be the original Coke and not the new Coke ;) ) using cocaine in it.
  7. Someone has suggested why not use a name they already own... Conectiva. The money they save on lawyers and marketing can be put to better use ;) I still think of my HP as a Compaq anyway. lol I want to change my vote... from Power Linux to Conectiva... anyone else ? (post here and I will change it)
  8. Yes... what's wrong with this. They already own this name. I like this idea. I mean why spend all that money paying lawyers to fix their mistakes and trying to build a new identity on a name most users really seem to hate? I think I am going to add this to the poll.
  9. May be a longshot... but this sounds like my mom's machine... which gave me a similiar problem. It too was a Compaq SR 1100 something. I think the problem was with the lack of support for the intregated onboard video... but I see you have an addon video card which I did not have. Have you tried disabling the onboard video in the BIOS ?
  10. been doing some reading on this complex situation... any lawyers here ? The "root" of Mandrake's whole problem revovles around their use of their original logo... which apparantly was clearly in violation of trademark laws with its use of a magician like penguin. Had Mandrakesoft not used this cartoon charactor... they most likely would not be in this current predicament. Evidently... the use of the same name is fine... as long as each "mark" is distinguishable enough and also falls into its own class... such as Mandrake the cartoon charactor and Mandrake the software company. Look at Ford Motor Company and Ford Modeling agency or Apple Records and Apple Computers, among many others. So as long as any company wanting to use the name "Phantom Linux" plays its cards right... Phantom Linux can legally hold its own TM. On another note... anyone know anything about LinuxOne ? That whole set of domains is taken by Michael Lerperger from Salzburg and is not being used... exept for the same cover page on all.
  11. Oooooh..... FrenchKiss Linux with Drake Master as the mascot... a tux-like creature with a duckbill and big lucious red lips. Cute and it has sex appeal. Could be a winning idea.
  12. I was hesitant to use "ConDrakula" as a choice... thinking it would be trademarked some where... but it seems Dracula is in the public domain and usable. Although I did find a dozen trademarks on related merchandise... most of which were marked "abandoned." There is also "Count Chocula" that is owned by General Mills (cereal) that could cause problems with this one (think Lindows / Windows). Yeah, but think of the tux logo possiblities.
  13. Costly litigation involved to fight this issue... they must change it. ( read other thread ) I didn't want to even allow that option... but for you... and since there is a 5 choice limit on these polls... I added some more choices here: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?act=ST&f=21&t=24178
  14. ... some more choices here. The first 5 choices are here: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=24177
  15. How about... DrakeConect ? (keeping their tools in mind... rpmdrake, menudrake, harddrake, etc.)
  16. good idea... I got things started: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=24177 Your probably right... but I am not going to sit back and do nothing... gotta try... right?
  17. It is evident that the name Mandrake has its days numbered.... so let's give this a shot and try to find a better name than Mandriva. I am probably not the only one that will not want to install something that resembles "man spit" in my machine. Since time is money... and to speed up this poll... I have selected the maximum of 5 names from the possiblities already mentioned elsewhere. If any other good ideas come up... we can add another poll. Some discussion on this subject is from this thread: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=24119 MORE CHOICES HERE: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=24178
  18. k... just wasn't showing up here yet. They are starting to show on some searches now.
  19. http://MandrivaForum.org How's that workin ? There's no record for that domain and I don't see any tricks you may have used.
  20. From the posts on the club thread... it seems they are looking to drop the term Mandrake all together from their name just because of some stupid fictional magician I never heard of. I did like Germ's suggested name of "PowerLinux" :D The three main domains seem to be attainable... even if they need to pay a little premium to aquire them... it would be a much better marketing decision than "drivalling" away from those stupid lawyers.
  21. from and article posted here @ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/426 A quick "whois" here showed the following ".com's" taken too: 1 mandriva 2 antelmandrivas 3 mandrivabizcases 4 mandrivaclub 5 mandrivaexpert 6 mandrivalinux 7 mandrivaonline 8 mandrivapartner 9 mandrivasecure 10 mandrivasoft 11 mandrivastore WTH is a Mandriva ? Personally, it sounds like a dumb name that could lend itself to some even dumber nicknames and stuff. Off the top of my head --- I think Mandrake-Connect sounds a lot better and more marketable. Those domains remain available. Didn't someone just say in another thread that there was no French word for marketing? :lol:
  22. Using Mandrake 10.1 (2.6 kernel) with a GForce4 MX I was having many problems getting the Nvidia driver working here. (All of the 6000 series drivers have failed for one reason or another) Trying to install the latest 7167 Nvidia driver... I was getting the following: I was able to compile successfully after running the following... which I found on the nvidia site ( http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display...2_1.0-7167.html ) (ONLY for 2.6 kernels) modprobe -q agpgart
  23. Either type in startx or while still at the command line... XFdrake There is a selection there for options where you can choose to automatically start up the GUI and its login box.
  24. http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=22486
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