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  1. Hello Nexus. Quoting you:- "That monstrosity was done by Mandriva. It's called SimpleWelcome. Simple it is, Welcome it is not. Right click the menu icon, then select the remove option. You can add the regular menu icon there in its place from your widgets selection." I agree with you entirely. I too found this and solved some time back as you had obviously done. I won't be using Mandriva 20011 routinely in the future when Mageia seems to do all the normal "Mandriva" things better and easily. The Mandriva 2011-errata seems to be overflowing. Not a good sign at all. Cheers. John. (now 77 years young)
  2. Things must have changed quite a bit in the past few years. I stand corrected about the Australian and European scene but it appears from your remarks that in the US it is still bad. Cheers. John.
  3. Sorry Ian, he is talking about a Canon Printer/Scanner/Copier All-in -one and not a Camera. Sadly Canon is very anti-Linux because of an incident years ago in which it lost a case involving Linux. Commercial spitefulness: just like microsoft exercises. The only way to get Linux drivers for Canon products is to buy them from some site whose name I cannot remember. I suspect the site is in cahoots with Canon or is a Canon front to get back at Linux users. I prefer Canon Cameras but refuse to but any other Canon products such as printers and scanners. Even though they make excellent devices Epson make equally excellent devices and are quite Linux friendly. HP is very good as well as I think most other manufacturers are also. Cheers. John.
  4. I will bet you are not using MCC (Mandriva Control Centre ) to install Firefox. If you were then it would have been installed quickly and with all necessary dependencies. It seems that you are just making hard work for yourself with no sensible benefit. Go into MCC .....Software Management.........Configure Media Resources for install and update............File...............Update. When that action is completed then in Software Management........Install and remove Software ......(Make sure that "All" appears in both Column Headers) Type in the word firefox in the Find slot and hit the keyboard Enter button. Then scroll down to see the various versions of Firefox shown and select the one you want then click Apply and follow the directions. It will then show dependencies and install them with Firefox. It couldn't be simpler. Cheers. John.
  5. @ ken, "By the way I do have the utmost respect for the members here and the help they give or I would not be here." I never doubted that for a second. :-) Cheers. John.
  6. Hello Ken and Dude. I use Mageia exclusively and I prefer to use MUB for the same reasons as Dude. I keep checking on Mandriva but the more I see of it and the more I try it, the more I get disillusioned with it. Have you noticed in their erratas just how many problems they are having and the amount of CLI required to fix things ??. For anything Mandriva or Mageia I believe MUB to be the best site around bar none,for getting help and tips etc. Cheers. John.
  7. In a nutshell, You cannot. Sorry, but you have to realize that Linux (Mandriva) is not an alternative Winblows. The .exe is a windows only format and that is why Linux is not affected when .exe malware is downloaded to a Linux system, since clicking on it will NOT activate it. Welcome to the Linux world and to Mandriva Users Board or MUB as we know it. Cheers. John.
  8. Hello Daniel. I tried the Full Mandriva-2011. I really wanted to be fair and give it an honest try out. Compared to Mageia the difference is like Oranges and Lemons and Mageia is like Oranges. Mandriva-2011 is so far away from earlier Mandriva that the only thing they now have in common is the name. Mageia has been rock solid on every machine I have installed it on (4 at last count). I am now a confirmed Mageia user but when ever Mandriva brings out updates or upgrades I will try them out on a spare machine so I am fully aware of what Mandriva is doing. Cheers. John. PS. I am still in Maine, USA
  9. I spoke too soon. After I made the suggested change to the file, I rebooted and it worked but later on I rebooted again and the problem was back. I checked the file and it was still as I had changed it. I also went into MCC to remove LAN connection again since it has appeared in here once more, Rebooted and still have same old problem. :wall: John.
  10. Thank you Ian That did the trick. I used to do the usual routine of using MCC to disable but it would never hold through a reboot. It does now. There is no LAN message that ethernet is down. There is just a short pause and then the wi-fi connection comes up as one would expect.. Cheers. John.
  11. Thanks Daniel, for your post. I had already hunted through the Bios but could not find any reference to the LAN anywhere. Hence my plea here. This is not to say that it isn't there because I may just be missing it somehow. The Bios is a weird basic layout of the kind that I remember used to be in computers 10 years ago, very much retro and not very helpful. I hope someone with Dell machine experience might give me a clue here. I hope. :-) Cheers. John.
  12. AussieJohn

    Video playback

    As mentioned in my other post, I am in Maine,USA, using a friends Loaned machine with Mageia-1. On my machine back in Australia, I have no problem playing back the Videos which are taken on a JVC HM330 HD Video Camera. The Output format is .MTS but on this machine the Totem Movieplayer progress bar runs but only the first1 or 2 seconds of imagery progresses. Dragon Player does the same thing. VLC does it in slow motion type steps. MPlayer seems to be a little better again. Xsine seems to be correct speed but jittery with Horizontal break lines through the picture horizontally. I am fairly certain that I have installed all possible appropriate packages. I have tried running the videos from the camera to the computer and also copy downloaded some of the videos to the hard drive but the problem exists in both situations. I may have missed something essential so please suggest. In Camera the videos seem to play back perfectly so I do not think the actual videos are the problem. Cheers. John [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  13. Hello everyone, I am here in Maine, USA. at the moment and working on a computer loaned to me by my host friends. I'll be here for 8 weeks. I have installed Mageia-1 on it and am using a wifi adapter to connect to their cable modem. Setup works AOK. I cannot find a way to disable the onboard LAN. I have removed the LAN cable but it keeps showing up in the Internet connections and seems to prevent the machine from setting up the wifi connection. Thus it has to be done manually each time the computer is rebooted. On my machine at home I found this to be necessary and would like to set this up the same way. Cheers. John. [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
  14. G'Day Phunni. Long time no hear. Good to see you back here again. Cheers. John.
  15. Hello Daniel. I am having a lot of trouble trying to work out how to import or transfer all of my existing emails in kmail into Thunderbird and there doesn't appear to be any easy way judging by googling posts about the subject. Drat and darn. :-) Cheers. John.
  16. Thanks for your input, Silver Surfer. The popups are fairly quick and not very explanatory. Actually I don't think akonadi so much binds Kde4 together. I think it has attached itself to a lot of things in Kde4, just like a leech or an octapus. :-) Kaddressbook is a mess and almost impossible to setup or use. Pim used to be so easy to use but nowdays it is basically useless. I suspect that most people don't use kmail anyway so the kde people don't care about kmail or kaddressbook much anymore. I have decided not to worry about it any more and am planning to abandon Kmail entirely and use thunderbird instead. I will then be un-installing akonadi and all the pim related stuff entirely. Cheers. John.
  17. Thanks Silver Surfer. That is what I was after. However I have had to reinstall it because kmail opens but won't run without it. Thank you to Nexus as well, however both routines seem to imply that kmail and kaddressbook cannot work without akonadi the way it has been put together. The routines described seem to be trying to deter you from getting rid of or disabling akonadi rather than helping the user. Disabling it appears to also prevent kmail and kaddressbook from running anyhow. The end result is there is nothing I can practically do to change the entire setup other than to dump kmail and kaddressbook and use some other equivalent applications and thus get rid of akonadi. Cheers. John.
  18. Thanks Ian. Akonadi is not in the Services list so it can't be disabled that way. That is why I wanted to remove it without affecting the other applications. I don't mind using the CLI to do this if I can find out the correct text to use. The method I mentioned used to work in Mandriva but it seems the instruction has been changed and does not work here. Cheers. John.
  19. Please anyone, how can I get rid of this darned akonadi without having kmail and addressbook removed. I tried urpme --nodeps akonadi but this does not work since --nodeps is not recognized. I don't use akonadi, ever, and it is always giving me popups when logging in so I want to get rid of it. Cheers. John.
  20. Yes Ian that is what I have done since live CDs have been available. I always keep an up to date Live CD for such occasions and have done so since those earlier times. A great and valuable invention. Cheers. John.
  21. That is very sensible advice, Mr. Bergen. (Is it Ken or Keith ??) Years ago I got caught like that and ran out of partition space so badly that after a reboot I couldn't get to start MCC to enable un-installing unnecessary packages to get back to normal operation again. I had to do a reinstall all over again. :-) Cheers. John.
  22. Hi Keith. Hope you got my other reply to your message OK. I don't have an answer for your internet no-sound problem since I have no problems with sound in anything including the internet although having no pulseaudio. I would think that a sound problem with the internet is more likely a browser problem and maybe a browser app missing from your installed packages. In MCC go through the Audio section of installable packages and install anything that is related to your browser. Also do the same for your browser in Internet in MCC. Cheers. John.
  23. I have already installed it and played around with and I have to say right here and now that I am not in any way impressed. One still cannot uninstall any package via MCC, although you can via the cli. This problem existed in the earlier 3 betas and is still not fixed. The Main Panel now appears at the top instead of the bottom and I have not found a way to move it to the bottom. The Login screen is anemic and pathetic looking, symptomatic of the malaise that seems to exist in Mandriva at this time. I think the fact that the usual 2 betas became 3 and now the news that the usual 1 rc will become 2 is a sign that this new Mandriva team is unable to get it together. There are many other niggles but I can't be bothered reciting them all. It truly makes me very sad indeed. RC 1 is being deleted now. Final full release will have to be amazingly improved or it will no longer even be considered for my machine for the next 2 or3 years. Cheers. John.
  24. Hi Ian. I just installed Skype on another friends Laptop which is running Mandriva-2010.2 I left pulse-audio as originally set-up and managed to get proper video and sound communication between her laptop and my desktop. I used a version of Skype from MIB namely skype- I agree with you that there seems to be a difference between Mandriva and Mageia although you wouldn't expect there to be much at this early stage of the fork, would you ?. Yet in the 2010.2, there in the Audio Device selection choice in Skype, there were 5 or 6 choices yet in Mageia there was no choice other than the default whatever that was. and that default just would not work. Use the cli, as root, such as konsole to install and do not the Mageia Control Centre because the nodeps part is very important. there is a deps that is simply not needed for Skype to work. rpm -Uvh --nodeps skype- I had nothing but problems when trying to use the newer versions of Skype 2.2 and above. They would install OK and you could open Skype OK but 30 seconds or so later it would disappear off the desktop. No error message, no nothing. The same occurred on two other installs of Mageia that I had setup for my attempts to solve the Microphone problem. The rpm I am presently using is on all three Mageia installs and have worked perfectly on all three. Now to try and get Ekiga to work. Having troubles there but will open a new thread for this if I cannot work it out. Cheers. John.
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