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  1. terminal run ??? .... since when computers will know how to run ..? :unsure: ..with those little legs ?.. :blink: if I have 70 GiB free disk space. (But I can do more if it is not enough for the version of Mandriva 2011.0) HAHAHAHAHA me too .. K Bergen I still do not understand half of what you write , i joke ... (Thank you google translation! )
  2. i have just 72.6 GiB free , all ( who knows how to use Mandriva 2011 up to the hard disk ? sorry 4 my English.. )
  3. ;) hello, I have a small question updates offered me version of Mandriva 2011.0 .. there be possibilities to check a box to the instaler "full" version with the following warning message: ATTENTION :excl: much hard drive space required ... :wacko: .. that could tell me how much space Mandriva 2011.0 was there a need to update?
  4. hi ! salut , j'ai une petite question les mises à jour me propose la version 2011.0 de mandriva .. il y a la possibilitée de cocher une case pour instaler la version " complète " avec le message d'avertissement suivant : ATTENTION :excl: beaucoup d'espace disque dur nécéssaire ... :wacko: ..qui pourrait me dire de combien de place mandriva 2011.0 a t'il besoin pour la mise a jour ? merci
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