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  1. Yeahh.. I was able to change the blue Powerpack ksplash theme, the kmenu Buttons and the Window Colors to Orange. I dowloaded Discovery-kde-config-2007.1-4mdv2007.1.noarch from the software management in Configure you computer panel and it replaced the Powerpack blue one autimaticaly .. Cool :D Then I went to the control center , system administration, mandriva kde profile chooser and setted Mandriva Discovery as the Default Profile for KDE and Voila ! ;) if the window colour is still blue it can be changed in the control center, appearance and themes, colors, la ora orange.
  2. Thanks Allot scarecrow I Downloaded the Mandriva Discovery theme RPM wich is also Orange, then went to the Control center, System, Menu style, restarted and it changed my gfx Grub bootmenu to orange, my bootsplash, and my wallpaper. Cool ..Thanks man ! All I need is the Mandriva Ksplash and the Mandriva Kmenu Button, which are still Blue from the Powerpack :( ..any ideas ? Thanks :D
  3. Any recomendations , on changing the entire look of powerpack Blue to Mandriva One Orange Look. From Theme colors, to the orange icons and wallpaper from the KDE start up , to the Kmenu Star Orange Icon....in other words ...Everything......exactly as Mandriva One... Mandriva should include these colors and themes in the Powerpacks..after all...it did cost me a little bit of $ :)
  4. I was able to create the CPIO archive, but I just realized that the files inside my new gfxmenu archive were pointing to my home folder, and then I would have to update Grub .. All I wanted to do is change the Mandriva Blue Powepack Picture for the Orange Mandriva One Picture ... It's a shame I can't just drag the picture into the original gfxmenu archive and replace it...since they have the same name(back.jpg) and size(800x600). My gfxmenu archive is in the root folder(/) in: sda8/boot/gfxmenu Is there a command by any chance to replace blue (back.jpg)mandriva picture for the Orange(back.jpg) picture ? ..I'm not getting thrue with the above methods and it's basicaly cause I don't know anything , in other words , i'm lost with all the commands
  5. Thanks allot pindakoe I'll give it a trye right now :D
  6. Thanks for the info guys , you saved me a lot of time searching for the location of that pic. I used pindakoes method, but I can't get the before last part " ls . |cpio -o > ../newsplash # Create a new archive " I extracted all the gfxmenu CPIO archive to a folder or directory, so when I try to archive that directory with the extracted file I get a message saying that I can not archive that path because it is a directory, I don't know of any other way of archiving a bunch of files at once into one archive. I'm used to using archiver and winrar where you can just archive a folder or directory. Any ideas ? B) :unsure:
  7. It Worked Perfectly .. Thanks allot Reiver_Fluffi , opvask , Jza, orts ,Ixthusdan B) It was pretty easy with you guys help. :D ..didn't break my head
  8. Thanks for the help guys :) I opened the menu.lst file from grub in mandriva with openoffice but it won't let be modifie it when I trie to Save. I know how to log on as root on the Root shell, but I don't know how to edit in command prompt. :( This is my first time playing with this kind of stuff :unsure: any advice with be appreciated :D
  9. Oddly enough, Mandriva added both my Windows XP and Vista to it's GRUB Boot menu, but didn't add Suse . I wonder if it's because I didn't mount Suse's root and home partition when I installed. I've tried to add Suse in mandriva control center Boot manager, but mandriva uses IMG and Suse does not. Mandriva: title linux kernel (hd0,7)/boot/vmlinuz BOOT_IMAGE=linux root=/dev/sda8 resume=/dev/sda9 splash=silent vga=788 initrd (hd0,7)/boot/initrd.img OpenSuse gfxmenu (hd0,4)/boot/message ##YaST - activate ###Don't change this comment - YaST2 identifier: Original name: linux### title openSUSE 10.2 root (hd0,4) kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/sda5 vga=0x317 resume=/dev/sda6 splash=silent showopts initrd /boot/initrd- Any ideas ?
  10. Your Right, sorry for the Highjack :) Thanks allot , i'll trie it :) :D B) ;)
  11. Mandriva powerpack doesn't ever recogize my root and home ext3 suse partitions :( and much less the bootloader ....could you tell me hoe you did it :) I wonder why mandriva didn't mount my OpenSuse Partitions :(
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