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  1. Can you get monkey island for linux? As far as the ms v. {place distro here} linux debate, here's my two cents. I'm still consider myself a newbie, but the more I use mdk the more I like it. The problem seems to be that a lot of people (MS users) see linux as difficult to use and that there aren't alot of programs to run ( ie games). Somehow the different Distros need to come up with an ad compaign to show the ease of use and possibilites of the linux platform. The people I talk to seem to think that Linux / Unix are still the same and are best used for servers. Here at work we use a unix server, its ran everyday/24hrs per day for the past 5 years, now they are looking at using a windows server, even though I pointed out that we all reboot our windows machines more than once a day.
  2. Tyme can you wake me up then too ???
  3. I found a lot of good labels (pc / dvd /vcd /cds / games) at : http://www.cdcovers.cc you'll find mandrake labels under L & M
  4. :woops: Never mind...if I could read I woluld have seen its 9.1 :woops: Sorry for wasting your time and hopes
  5. Here's where I saw them : ftp://mandrake-forum.org/pub/Mandrake/stable/ Since it's in the stable section, I'm guessing its not a cooker version, but like I've said I don't know what it is.
  6. I was just looking in the download section and saw 3 9.2 ISO's in the mandrake section. Are these the final release, the rc2 version or did I miss something? I didn't think they had any public releases yet and were still reworking the problems (i.e lg cdroms).
  7. Ok, I upgraded my 9.1 with these 4 discs, only to discover when loading disc 2 that this is the cooker release. All seems good, but I'm far from being efficient with linux, it is a little different from rc2 that I tried. but now at boot I have the following options: linux linux-nonfb windows floppy 2421-13 old_linux old_linux-nonfb failsafe how do I rid myself of some of these? I'm thinking about dumping the 9.2 cooker, so alittle (ok, a lot) of is needed.
  8. Mine was bootable, but I am at work so I didn't load it. I will at home this weekend and report back. One other item, on windows it reads as mandrake 9.1, but loading the install the header is 9.2. So who knows?
  9. Tyme, please post when you find a place for your update cd's. Also, I'm one who would like to get a copy of the 9.1 update cd. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks, I know I'll get the download edition when its available to everyone, but in the mean while, Ill try to ugrade with urpmi. That should be a good learning experience. One other thing is it possible to dowload these files on one machine, then burn them to disc and install on another? I got my IT guy to let me dual boot mdk9.2rc2 with winxp. (so he cold really see linux work- I use it for {open}office documents) And since I have dsl here at work and dial up at home, that would be sweet if possible (I can't think of a problem. but it never hurts to ask)
  11. I have a question about 9.2 RC2 & urpmi. I was going to use easy urpmi,but do I use cooker or 9.2? They have both choices now and I think I should use cooker, but Im not sure.
  12. grendal

    9.2 ISOs

    SO when will mandrake release the iso's to the public? Has anyone heard? Also, I currently running mdk9.2rc2, can I upgrade to 9.2 or am I just asking for trouble in doing this. I know some have had trouble going from 9.0 to 9.1 in the past.
  13. can we post links to the rc2 version? :lol: I'm using that and I'm happy to wait for the public release 9.2. We shouldn't get greedy, after all Mandrake still gives us the OS for free.
  14. Has anyone used a dazzle video creator? I know Linux supports tv cards, but how about a device that connects via USB? Somewhere I have a avertv card, but can't find it so a friend loaned me his dazzle device. So far I haven't found anything to say if it works or not. I'm now running Mandrake again :lol: : 9.2rc2 :!: What I really need to know is how to copy some of my old vhs tapes to vcd ( I don't have a dvd burner). Some of my tapes are old and most are unavailable on dvd. Thanks in advance as I have all the confindece that someone will have the answer here, which is why I think this board rules!
  15. Yeah but if they read this and can't see the joke, they deserve Microsoft. I think these guys rock!
  16. So I'm not the only one who doesn't know am I :!: :lol: Just when I thought I was understanding a few things, I started thinking about cooker, srpms, and ppc, and afew others I have no idea about. Now I know Im not alone :lol: or am I :?: :shock:
  17. Ok I give what are the differences between the following and when do you want to use these: 1, cooker - is this just a beta version? :? 2. srpms - source? rpms? what is different from a rpm? can you use it cross distro -ie redhat and mandrake? Is it better to use than a reuglar rpm? :? 3. ppc :? - I don't even have a guess on this- power penguin copy? 4. If you run mdk9.2rc2 can you use any of the above or is there something else? Just wondering. :lol:
  18. And since we've drifted off topic, why am I not a noob anymore? I'm nothing now :? whats up with that? a hint I guess?? :? Thanks alot :lol:
  19. phunni, I think it is a joke, but I don't think alot of people got the joke. If you look at the other three articles at the bottom you see it's a joke. Kinda like MSLinux. Check this site out :http://www.mslinux.org I know that some may belive its true, but I really don't think Bill invaded cuba.
  20. I think you need to check out some of the other articles. :wink: I got taken in too at first, then read more. It does stereo type women, but I think this site takes jabs at just about anything, from the few other articles I read at least.
  21. I'm sure my 7yr old daughter would love something like this. Not because it's Linux, she wouldn't care, she's a kid. It's Barbie, it could not run or run like crap, what girl wouldn't want to have a Barbie computer? Hopefully it runs well, the downloads are easy and suddenly you have more Linux converts!? Isn't that what it's all about anyways :wink: That may be a pipe dream, but if the moms and dads take a look at the machine, and find it user friendly (in linux? lol) who knows, maybe they'll upgrade to {insert your favorite distro here}. I may just have to look at downloading this, if it runs on my daughters pc. Mine plan with her pc was to wine win98 off, install mdk and wine, then reinstall her games, none of which require directx or opengl. Now maybe I can get her thast pink pc she wants. Or maybe just get that new Windows No operating system instead? Either way I can't miss :lol:
  22. You can change your boot options. I'm at work with no linux in the house, but I'm sure someone here will nail it down for you or you can look around the menu for tools/boot or soemthing. Anyways there youll the boot options with redhat linux (default) and dos (windows). You can edit dos to become your default (if you want) and you can change the name to WindowsXP or what ever you want. It's pretty easy, I just can't remember exactly where to go, Im a noobie also :lol: .
  23. Ok Thanks, Ill try both methods. a few of questions though: 1. how do I load the xscreensavers from rh9? Do I load them from one of the discs? I didn't know you clould load from rh to mdk. 2. Do I need to delete the old screensavers first? 3. Would it be possible to download freecurve from texstar on a windows machine? Im on dialup at home and broadband here at work, which is windows. Or would that run into dependcy hell?? :( 4. Are the RH9 themes for gnome or kde or both? I like both so any option is ok, I know rh9 default is gnome, while mdk is 9.1. As a newbie I just want to cover my bases. Thanks again, this place rocks!! :lol:
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