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    CDR/W and KB3

    ahhh..........the notorious k3b strikes again! first, check out these threads i started. maybe you'll get the answer there: http://mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=7...c181f1ffb8c9887 http://mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=6...c181f1ffb8c9887 k3b was a bear to setup for me (as you can read above). i'm at work & don't have much time, but i do have a few quick suggestions. 1. before running k3b setup, disable "supermount" for your cdrom & burner, if you have it enabled. and, make sure you have the following programs installed.......cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs. 2. during k3b setup, DO NOT let k3b make changes to your fstab. 3. during k3b setup, make sure your mount points are correct. most likely they won't be until you change them manually. 4. make sure you add users add the end of k3b setup & give them permissions for cdrdao & cdrecord. 5. when it asks you to discard changes at the end, answer "NO" (as long as you didn't let it edit your fstab.) 6. check your permissions under userdrake & add the user to any of these groups if they aren't there already.......cdrecord, cdrdao, mkisofs, cdwriter, xcdwriter. 7. REBOOT! yes, usually you don't have to reboot in Linux, but in k3b's case you do, for settings to take effect. 8. if things are still not right, run xcdroast setup as root, & give users permissons in there & select "non root mode". xcdroast overrides k3b settings. 9. finally, i would suggest getting texstars version of k3b. i forget the version number right now, but it's on his site. the setup in his version is a bit more intuitive & easier to understand. read the links i supplied. the truth is out there......... Chris PS: this should probably be under the "software" forum..........
  2. knowing me, i'll probably go back to the validator site at some point. just don't have the time to put into something like that right now. i just wanted to get those few kinks worked out. i'm looking at Scoopy's code compared to mine, & excuse my ignorance, but i'm not sure what's different. :? is it the "style=" tag? i'll keep dicking around with this when i get time. i still have to get recipes organized. then , when i get the wild hair to actually make this presentable, i'll probably get other ideas & want to make it more than i originally planned, which will lead to more work, more questions, more time spent at the computer,............. :shock: ok...........what about Opera in Linux? i haven't even looked into it at the Opera site. i will at some point today, but for now, what format is the download? is it rpm or tar.gz? if it is a .tar file, do you need to compile, make, make install? what about plugins? will it use the Moz plugins, does it come with it's own, or do you have to get separate plugins just for Opera? and, finally, back to the banners/ads. that is totally unacceptable to me, no matter how good the browser might be. in Window$, i came across a registry hack that stripped the ads permanently from the free Opera download. unethical, perhaps........but, i'm not gonna pay for a browser. if there's no way to remove the ads from the free version, then don't worry about answering the questions before that. thanks to all for the info, once again. Chris
  3. i'm not sure if that's a Linux/MDK problem, per se. i had the same problem with my cd rom a while back in Window$, before i was using MDK. i could barely get a cd in the tray before it would close without me closing it manually. if i'd hit the eject button, it would open then immediately close. i cleaned it out, but that didn't help. what did help was, i actually opened the box up, unscrewed the cd rom, unplugged & removed it, then reseated it. haven't had a problem since. weird, but it worked. give it a try.......couldn't hurt. Chris
  4. ACK! THPPPPT!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: 1. i know that colour showed up orange in Moz a couple of days ago! i just looked now & it is seashell! maybe it was the gin. i dunno............ 2. the alt tag does also work as a hover box in IE. of that i'm possitive. i checked it out today at work in IE6.0 & when i hover my cursor over those pictures, a tiny box pops up containing the text after the "alt=" tag you see in the code. i'm not gonna dick with it too much. like i said, this isn't my life's mission. just something to screw around with, kill some time, & perhaps learn some things, Linux & html wise...... 0. Eric..........hmmmm. i can't really go into much detail. my friend....a bit strange..........high strung..........confused about his sexuality, but in a severe state of denial. you'd have to know him, to know what i mean. but, it's probably best that you don't........... 77. do any of you use gFTP? is this a pretty good ftp prog to use, or are there better one's? i mean, it seems to do everything i could want it too. but, if there's something better........... gonna check out the chat section now & see who's asleep......... Chris
  5. ok..........i changed the background colour back to #fff5ee, which is supposed to be seashell. it comes out as seashell in Konq.....orange in Moz. i did read through your link mystified, so that's probably why the colours are different. i also added the "title" tags, per aRTee. i see the effect, but it's not what i was talking about. in IE, when i hover over those pics, a little box pops up & says (for instance) "this could be a pie" when you hovered on the "desserts" face link. that's what the "alt=" tags do, if you look at the code. i went to the validator site, & left immediately. i had so many errors according to them, that i shouldn't even be allowed to touch a computer! :shock: no matter to me. i'm not a webmaster, not looking to make html as a career. the code works almost like i want it to, except for the colour & popup box issue. not gonna sweat it anymore. just thought there might be a reason for these issues. i guess it's just a "browser specific" thing. and, to all you smart asses, the FrontPage META info is stripped away. I DIDN'T USE FRONT PAGE! sheesh.....if i did, the validator wouldn't have given me an error on every line of code. maybe every other, but not every one! :lol: any more suggestions, thoughts, or abuse will be taken into consideration. gonna drink for a bit now. i'll check here later. Chris
  6. ok,ok, enough about the FrontPage razing! i honestly don't even know what that tag means. i put that there some 7-8 years ago when i was learning how to write the html 'cause somebody told me that it would help generate hits in search engines. same with all the other garbage in the header. i honestly did do all that in notepad, then some in KWrite just recently. i know it's pretty juvenile, but it's only a test. i have changed the background since i wrote that first part. it should now be a cascade of grey Calvin & Hobbes, which it is when i view it now. i'll add the colour code tonight after work & maybe you guys can look again & check out what i meant about the colours being different in each browser. i'm trying to transfer the .index file now, but the damn ftp seems to be down again. oh well, i gotta get to work. i'll play tonight or tomorrow. like i said, this isn't a priority with me. just playin' around..... Chris (now he's at work.............) as for html editors, i've tried a few back in Window$ (FrontPage, Namo, & another one that i can't remember the name of) but i never really liked them. too much going on for what i wanted to accomplish. like i said, html was just a hobby i got involved in to while away the hours back in the day. the web page that i have on that space is the original vintage 1996 code i wrote in notepad, with all references to the old pages removed & that new stuff inserted. i've heard of Bluefish, but i don't know if i wanna go that route. all i wanted to do was put up a space on the web where i can post my recipes, so anybody (friends, family, etc.) can access them & they don't have to keep calling me "how do you make this?" "what's your recipe for this?". and, finally, as for browsers, i have used Opera at work ( the free download version, hacked to remove the ad banners). i won't want to try opera in Linux unless there's a hack in Linux to remove those banners. they may be small, but they're still annoying, & i'm not gonna pay for a browser when there's so many free ones out there. so, anywho, i'll try changing the background colour when i get home tonight, i'll read through the link that mystified put up there, & i'll get rid of the FrontPage META info so i don't have to hear any more shit from you guys! :lol: gotta get some work done now. as always, thanks for the input...... Chris
  7. there's ftp maintenance on my site, so it's been iffy all morning. try it again later, please. i did put the </a> tag after each entry. it didn't make a difference. still no popups when you hover over a link picture. i didn't use anything M$ related to write the html. i did it all by hand in notepad originally (before i had MDK), then edited things in KWrite. i'm not gonna plague myself over it. i'm by no means an html guru. it's something i started playing with back in my Win3.1 days. i'm sure my html knowledge is way outdated by now. i don't have Opera installed, so using that to test things isn't an option. like i said, try the link later if you like. i know it's available as i type this. thanks, Chris
  8. nope, that wasn't the problem. i did oops with the " in front of #fff5ee, but the colours are still different in Moz & Konq. also, the </a> tag is not needed after each entry, only at the end of that piece of html code, & i do have it there. as i said, it all works in IE. does Moz/Konq/Linux handle html tags differently than M$? just wonderin'. like i said, this isn't an urgent/important project. just me goofin' around. but, if/when i do decide to make something useful of that space, i'd like it to work across all platforms. thanks, anywho. Chris
  9. i've just discovered gFTP & i love it! i was using primasoft ftp pro in window$, but this is so much nicer. anywho, i have a question about html that maybe somebody can help me out with. i have some web space & just threw up my junk html page on there until i can come up with something useful. here's the link: http://antithesis.web1000.com/ question 1: i have the background colour set to seashell (colour code #fff5ee). in Konqueror it comes out as the correct colour. in Mozilla, it comes out as a horrible shade of orange! :shock: does Konq & Moz read html colour codes differently? why would the code for seashell come out correct in one & not the other? i haven't tested other colours yet, but i'll give it a try for shits & giggles to see what things look like. question 2: i have html code inserted so that when you hover your pointer over one of the pictures, a little popup box shows up with some text to tell you about what the picture is linked to. the popup boxes show up in Internet Explorer under window$, but they don't show up in Konq or Moz. when you go to my url above, hover over the pics & tell me if the popup box shows up or not. here's the html code i used: <p align="center"><a href="desserts"><img src="simplecalvin.gif" border=0 alt="this could be a pie"><a href="poultry"><img src="hobbesface.gif" border=0 alt="this could be a chicken"><a href="beef"><img src="mad calvin.gif" border=0 alt="this could be a cow"><a href="seafood"><img src="futurecalvin.gif" border=0 alt="this could be a fish (or a smelly ****)"><a href="pork"><img src="strangealien.gif" border=0 alt="this could be a pig"><a href="drinks"><img src="yellingcalvin.gif" border=0 alt="this could be a liquor bottle"></a></p> it all looks correct to me, & like i said, it works in IE. why not the other 2? any responses will be welcomed, as always. Chris (and, remember, this web site is only a goofy test, so that's not what the finished product is even gonna closely resemble!)
  10. chris z

    New Icons

    did you do ./configure, make, make install after unpackaging the tar.gz file? if not, that's probably why. when you unpack that file, (in terminal) go to the directory you unapacked it to (as root) then type ./configure you will see some scrolling text, blah, blah. when it stops & your back at your prompt, type make it may take a while & lots of text will scroll on the screen. when that's done, if you don't see any ***error*** messages, type make install. wait again 'til it's done doing it's thing. you should be good to go. (you may need to reboot.....it's KDE..... ***if you do see any error messages after make, it will most likely because you need dependencies. if that's the case, note what depends you need, then go to MCC->install software & do a search for what it needs, install it, then start over at make. Chris
  11. just on a hunch..........do you have kscd installed? the "command not found......." message is common if you don't have the software that you're trying to run installed. if you're not sure if it's installed, open MCC->packaging->install software & type kscd in the search box & click "search". if it comes up, check it, install it, then try to run kscd. Chris
  12. chris z

    Mandrake update

    just to be redundant, what William said is true for cd sources. you have to insert the cd before you select it as a source. otherwise, when it checks that cd source, if the cd isn't in the drive, it will come up with the "no sources found...." error. Chris
  13. chris z


    you don't have "multiple wallpapers' selected, by any chance, do you? if you do, it will automatically switch your wallpaper at a set interval. set it to "single wallpaper" if you do. other than that suggestion, that's a new one to me. one other thing you can try....set the wallpaper, click apply, then reboot. i know, i know.....you SHOULDN'T have to reboot, but for some things (especially KDE settings) you MUST reboot for it to take effect. Chris
  14. chris z

    ADSL Modem

    i have an adsl modem, but it's not your model & not usb, so i'm not sure if anything i can tell you to do would apply. :( but, have you tried Googling your modem? if not, here's a Google search on it. lot's of info pages on how to set it up in Linux. maybe it'll help. also, do you by any chance have shorewall firewall enabled? if so, try disabling that & then try setting up your modem. you can access shorewall in Mandrake Control Center (MCC)->security. Chris http://www.google.com/linux?hl=en&lr=&ie=I...G=Google+Search
  15. if you do a search here for xcdroast, cd burning, k3b, cd, or eroaster, you should find many links to help you out. (i should know......i probably started most of 'em! :D ) i can't help you with fluxbox or eroaster, but for xcdroast, you must first set it up as root. so, open a terminal, su to root, type xcdroast. click on "settings", then fill in the appropriate places for your burner & cdrom. you will see several tabs under "settings". check them all out & make sure things are correct. when you first run xcdroast, it will detect some things, but you'll have to fine tune others. also, probably the most important step (if you want to be able to burn as a user other than root) is the last tab for "users". there you can set the permissons needed for who can have burning rights & use the program, other than root. put users name in the appropriate box, select "allow all", tick all the boxes where it says "users are allowed to:", & finally click the bar where it says "change non root configuration" to enable non root mode. click "save configuration"->"ok". one final thing.......to burn cds & use xcdroast, you will need to have the following packages installed.....cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs. they are programs that do the actual burning. xcdroast is just a gui front end for them. Chris
  16. thanks aRTee......... the "shunning" comment wasn't meant as a slam to you, or anybody, so i hope you weren't offended. just me being goofy........ i see your problems on another thread, but that's beyond my scope of knowledge, so i hope somebody can help you out. i would e-mail texstar, but after reading some posts in the pclinux forum that tell texstar about certain "bugs", he (she?) seems to take offense at times, so i think i'll just let it go. from what i gather, texstar is a bit of a "purist" when it comes to Linux theology & according to that theology, "root" should have power over all & "users" have no business doing anything that they don't have permissions for, cd burning being one of them. i can see that point & can agree to it for certain situations, but i think a warning/disclaimer stating that would be nice. had a similar problem with texstar's KDE3.1.2 & 3 upgrades where it disabled my supermount & removed all of my drive icons from my desktop. when somebody pointed that out to texstar & asked why, he (she?) seemed quite offended that he should have to spend an extra 2 hours of coding to accomplish something that you should be able to figure out on your own. cest la vie...... ok, off topic rant (of sorts) again. so, thanks, & i will leave my cd burning programs alone for now. k3b for .iso's & data.......xcdroast for music. at least that's my preference for each of those programs. laters.... Chris
  17. addendum i'm either being shunned, nobody cares, or nobody has an answer.........no fear...... reran xcdroast to check things. it had changed to "root mode only" after last k3b9.0 install. also, i noticed, that after the k3b9.0 install, it removed my permissions for cdrdao, mkisofs, cdrecord, & cdwriter. why? i don't know. do all of texstar's cd burning rpm's automatically remove all user burning rights? anybody? i gave "chris" permissions for all of the pertinent cd burning programs, i rebooted one more time, ran k3b as "chris", & it's all good again. ran as "root", still good. ran as each several times to make sure i wasn't hallucinating, always good. rebooted a couple of more times to make sure.....still good. went to bed...... booted up this morning, ran k3b each way.......still good. so, 2 days after the fact, i can burn with k3b as user "chris" again. all i can think of is........... 1. texstar's cdbakeoven started this mess. 2. permissions (or lack there of) were the cause i will leave things as they are now. i will not try any other cd burning programs for the time being. aRTee & anna, thanks again for trying to help. Chris
  18. i'm back to textstar's k3b9.0 version..........that's the only one that works now, albeit half heartedly..........i can run it as root in terminal........if i try to run it as chris, i get this message: [chris@default chris]$ k3b Loading required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1.2 ERROR: (K3bDeviceManager) Could not find cdrecord. No proper device initialization possible. ERROR: (K3bDeviceManager) Could not find cdrecord. No proper device initialization possible. mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding no idea what that means or why it's happening. when k3b loads, it tells me this in a pop up box: Unable to find cdrecord executable K3b uses cdrecord to actually write cds. Without cdrecord K3b won't be able to properly initialize the writing devices. Solution: Install the cdrtools package which contains cdrecord. Unable to find cdrdao executable K3b uses cdrdao to actually write cds. Without cdrdao you won't be able to copy cds, write cue/bin images, write CD-TEXT, and write audio cds on-the-fly. Solution: Install the cdrdao package. i get this terminal error when i exit k3b........ mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding WARNING: KDE detected X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) x08 Major opcode: * WARNING: KDE detected X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) x08 Major opcode: * i have cdrecord installed.......it's in /usr/bin/ i have cdrdao installed..........it's in /usr/bin/ fstab is still untouched.........gonna lay down now........coulda burned 20 cd's by now........any advice will be taken into consideration.......'cept drinking.........started that already..........'tis a shame, it is....... Chris
  19. i'm stumped...........i'm broken........... i've tried adding & subtracting permissions...........i uninstalled the MDK cd version of k3b8.1 & installed texstar's k3b9.0..........i've rebooted so many times that i can't remember..........i've followed all known procedures for k3b set up..........my fstab is still untouched..........i uninstalled texstar's version & reinstalled the MDK version.......reboot, reboot, reboot, reboot, ad naseum............i've checked xdroast to make sure permissions are correct there....they are..........i tried to do || /usr/bin/cdrdao as suggested........i get this message.........bash: syntax error near unexpected token `||'..........i don't know what else to do............now, when i try to run k3b, it starts to open, but i get no gui & then i get a KDE crash handler pop up telling me the program crashed...........i'm gonna try uninstalling & reinstalling one more time............if that don't work, i just don't know what else to do............makes me sad........very sad........ Chris
  20. thanks for the info anna, i'm still at work, so i can't do or try anything at the moment. i've cooled down a bit since this morning, so i'm gonna tackle the k3b beast again tonight. yeah, i've noticed that you must reboot :shock: for k3b settings to take effect, too. i didn't have time this morning to wait for a reboot, so i'm hoping that when i get home & boot up that things might be back to where they should. i'll be sure to post with what i come up with or run into, later this evening. did you check out that link i posted above? the person there had the very same k3b problem i'm having (with permissions) & chmod-ing seemed to correct things, so that's why i was asking about chmod. Chris
  21. open a terminal & type: uname -r that will give you kernel info. uname --all will give you all info. man uname will give you the man page for uname, with all flags listed. Chris
  22. seems i'm not the only one that has run into this headache with k3b: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ar...2003/01/4/42521 that's only one link of many about k3b problems like i'm going through doing a Google search. if you read the info at that link, does that seem logical? chmod k3b setup? chmod k3b? would chmod apply to cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs, etc? could it be that simple? Chris
  23. not so much confused anymore..........instead, just downright p*ssed....... had a bit of time last night before heading out. ran k3b setup. ran k3b as user "chris". all was well. not only were my drives being detected again, all the programs were too (cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs). ran it as root, & as chris, several times, to make sure. each time everything looked ducky. shut down computer, went on my way...........booted up this morning, was gonna post that the probelm seems to be fixed, but i opened k3b as "chris" first, to make sure. no drives detected.........no programs detected. opened it as root, everything was fine. checked my fstab file........nothing has changed. checked lilo.conf........nothing has changed.........made sure k3b didn't create it's own k3bfstab.......nope. checked users & permissions........nothing had changed. WHY does k3b detect everything & work fine as root, but not as chris? WHY???!!!!! it has to be something with permissions. that's the only thing that makes sense to me. if it was a file being in the wrong directory, a buggered fstab or other conf file (which it isn't), then k3b SHOULDN'T run correctly, no matter which user is running it. CORRECT??? again i'm at work.......again i will tinker with k3b tonight.......again i will post my results. then, if all is still not well, it's fire up Windows & use my trusty Nero. i shouldn't have to spend 6 hours to do something that should only take 10 minutes....... Chris
  24. aRTee, still at work, so not at the MDK machine. but, i know from memory that cdrdao is in /usr/bin. i remember looking into that once & thought that maybe if i copied it to /usr/share, that it would make a difference. no go...... and, when i go through k3b setup, it always finds cdrdao, along with cdrecord, & mkisfos, & it always puts me in the cdrwriter group. see, that's what's driving me crazy & thinking that something is screwy in my permissions. like i said, k3b has been giving me convulsions since day one. when it's working like it should, it's the shit! but, when it's being bad !!!! thanks for trying to help. i won't have time to play around with things tonight, but i will tomorrow. if you come up with any other ideas, please let me in on them. tomorrow, i will run k3b setup (for the millionth time........i can probably do that blindfolded while standing on my head & using my feet by now!) i'll post back the results i get after setup. :banghead: :banghead: Chris
  25. open Mandrake Control Center (MCC) & go to "install software". type sndconfig in the search box, click "search". put a check in the box next to it when it comes up, then click "install". then go to terminal, su to root, & run sndconfig. chances are the package isn't installed, that's why you're getting the "command not found" error. Chris
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