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  1. There is a forum section for announcments of many Mandriva based distributions: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewforum.php?f=186 As you see i made an entry there for MCNLive: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=127058 Please comment if anything need correction or updates.
  2. Now RC2 torrents are up.
  3. Now we have torrents up for RC1 at http://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrents&search=&category=42 Also see http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=117225 Because some people struggle to get large files down reliable with ftp, and Mandriva will not release torrents themself, nor Par2 files for mending broken files. I also think exposing it at linuxtracker might get some more people interested to try. Please help seeding if you can, i only have ADSL... HOWTO: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=117225#728882
  4. Here is an avr gcc package bug someone migth want to make input to or vote for :) https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=45232 I just bought my first aurdino so I made a small search and found this thread and that bug and some more... I will probably try it next week or when i find time... I am also downloading 2009.1 RC1 so i might try AVR things in coocker.
  5. Hi Same sound chip but that solution do not work. At about the same time as th eoriginal poster, also I one day found my desktop sound was gone... I did not care much then, but now after a fresh install of 2008.1 PWP I still have no sound :( Alsaconf do not help. Main board: MSI K8N Master2-FAR Chipset: nForce4 Pro Onboard Audio: Realtek ALC850 In my thread http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=85787 there have only been answers sharing the same problem, no solution. Maybe someone here have ideas?
  6. That link is stil working! :) - I hesitate though... does that install include an old wine? I have got my wife-to-be :) over to Linux :) Mandriva and everything is perfectly OK, she is also learning GIMP. But she have some work made in an old Photopaint on her old computer. GIMP can open *some* files. We wil try... Having this free Photopaint version running woulld just be extra nice - not essential. It is even newer than her old version... If nothing else I will install a current wine and her original windows verison if we can find a 11 year old diskette package or what it is... where it is now after the move...
  7. Opera tip: If some typefaces on some sites show up badly, then try to uncheck "Enable Core X Fonts". In Opera adress bar go to opera:config#UserPrefs, edit, save, restart. I just learned today. http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=86267 (Did not have problems wiht this earlier)
  8. Hi I am wondering if anyone her ehave used it, and how they did get it going on Mandriva. I have tried three different ways, to only get different problems. I also issued a bug report. All in this thread: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=85497 Thanks /Morgan
  9. More ideas: Maybe we can roll our own using tools intended for making "Live-CDs"? https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=10855 I never done something like that, but it seem to include making a customised "master" installation in separate partition on a computer, then use a tool to make a compressed image of it to put on CD. That way we can form and update the master, then make updated images to put on the Flash. (the compressed system for CD is readonly) We have to learn how to make it use a separate noncompressed partition for /home Maybe edit fstab in the master installation just before makign the .iso of it? And if we make it mount that partition by label it is not dependant on other USB-drives changing disk number Also it should save any changes like dial-iup and such, that LiveCD do not... how to change? Does this sound possible? We need to place that /home partiiton so it is not written over by a growing iso. How to put a .iso intended for a CD or DVD on to a USB the right way, and wothout disturbing the /home partition iI do not know. How to make it include all drivers to be able to autodetect and use the right driver on any PC i do not know. A high speed Flash is naturally beneficable. I found this 8GB stick, with pasword protection, display, and 33MB/s read speed, at approx 130 EUR ex tax. http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.asp?sku=325454&view=links Using a fast 8GB stick we maybe do not *need* compression (although it would be nice for both speed and space) But just install to one large partition on it. About compression, it seems possible to compress user files usig technique like: http://parallel.vub.ac.be/~johan/compFUSEd/ There seem to be more than one such system being developed, but none ready for use? (try google...) Using compression, we can afford to put the whole Powerpack installation DVD on the Flash if we use 8GB flash...
  10. Also I am interested an a simillar solution, because i need more space and want a language not supported in the given solution. The Mandriva Flash solution have the system in a compressed read only(?) format so it is not easily extendable. The compression mean both lesser space is used, but also higher speed as apparent read speed after decomprresison is faster than USB limit. But when having a large disk instead of flash, why not get a silver membership and install Powerpack on to the drive? Make / about 15G, and at the prompt half way through check mark to copy the whole CD-set / DVD to hard disk. That way you will always have possibility to install anything in Powerpack, for example change drivers. I doubt, but hope, it will autodetect any supported hardware each boot and use appropriate driver automagically... Or it can be configured to do that? Somebody else probably knows this much better than me... Another solution would be to try imaging the flash to the hard disk using the dd-command, then extending the non-compressed partitions. The idea is it will boot like original, and like the original also be updateable, but now it have much more space for that. How to manage to do do that expanding I do not know. (all this preparation need to be done using an already running Linux machine, of course) About partitions on Flash: http://www.mandriva.com/en/individuals/pro...e_3482/faq#part
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