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  1. I have no issues with the firewall. I can transfer files to the linux machine quickly but cannot get them off the machine quickly. This has only happened since the upgrade to 2009.
  2. I have 2 systems in my house. The main system runs latest Mandriva and has always run linux. The second system runs xp pro.. The systems connect to a router which assigns the IP addresses for me no problems. I recently lost the xp machine to a virus. Since I reinstalled that system the latest release of Mandriva was launched, so I upgraded to that. Since that upgrade I have been unable to stream movies from my linux machine to the windows machine. I even find it nearly impossible to copy a movie from the linx machine to the xp machine. How can I see the actual upload speed from the linux machine? How can I improve this? Thanks.
  3. Oh well...!!!!!!!!! Looks like I will have to put my hand in my pocket then and buy a newer card. Thanks for the response. Very grateful. Neil
  4. Hopefully someone can help. I have a Radeon 9200 128mb AGP card in my system. I am running 2008.0 I have setup the graphics via MCC and all is working, in xorg.conf it uses the ATI driver. I have also tried to setup the graphics using FGLRX but with no luck at all. I have installed all the FGLRX stuff from the Repos and they start on boot. I have used aticonfig and no errors are reported. I then reboot to find that X fails to start and I am asked to go through a console setup of the X Server again selecting the ATI driver for xorg.conf. Have I missed something out? I have compared the generated xorg.conf listed above with mine and apart from the obvious differences IE monitor and actual card they are the same. When I run modprobe I see that there is a module running called RADEON. I heve read elsewhere that you should disable this but if I try it says that the module cannot be disabled as it is in use. Should xorg be configured to use the ATI driver as below which ships with xserver or should I be using RADEON or FGLRX? Section "Device" Identifier "device1" VendorName "ATI Technologies Inc" BoardName "ATI Radeon 9250 and earlier" Driver "ati" Option "DPMS" Option "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps" "1" EndSection I can post more of the files if anyone needs more to help. Thanks in advance guys. PS I know I should be using an nvidia card but I got this one for free.................
  5. OK, they Kernel processes, but would anyone like to suggest reasons as to why my system hangs as described above? Machine is a 2ghz Celeron with 512mb, GeForce Gfx 240gb Hdd. If I look in System monitor I see no major CPU or memory usage, in fact whilst typing this message the system did hang and yet I am only using 8% cpu and 174mb Memory. Something somewhere is trapping my system or even taking over temporarily. The hung system is simply no access of the keyboard or mouse, although sometimes you can get some small pointer movement from thw mouse yet nothing worthwhile. This is really starting to get on my nerves. Neil.
  6. I have installed Mandriva 2007 spring. All is working well - sort of. I installed from the Mandriva one GNOME CD. Yet when I load Gnome System Monitor I have a number of KDE processes running. These are:- kacpid kblockd/0 khelper khubd kjournald (2 are running) klogd kpsmoused kseriod ksoftirqd/0 kswapd0 kthread These items have only been there since I upgraded from 2007 to 2007 Spring. KDE is the reason I use Gnome on my system as it causes my system to periodically hang for anywhere between 15 seconds and 2 minutes. How can I now get rid of these items completely? I have tried urpme kde, kdelibs and kdebase. Nothing installed. I have searched through and trawled through the software lists in MCC and found nothing installed. My system is once again hanging periodically. Any help would be appreciated. Neil
  7. Have upgraded my kernel from 2.16.17-5 to -8. Installed the sources also. My nvidia uses the rpm driver along with the dkms option. On first boot after upgrade it took a while to complete as it installed the drivers for nvidia and others in dkms However I no loner get the nvidia splash screen on login, when I run lsmod there is no nvidia driver loaded. On bootup it says module already installed. Is it just simply running modprobe to install it or is something else wrong? Neil SOLVED. I had forgotten to re-run 'Setup the X Server ' in MCC All working fine now.
  8. I have tried the command you listed and got command not found response. However I have checked through the log files /val/log/messages and on start up I get the following now Registered driver zd1211 It used to be that I got the above message for both zd1211 and zd1211rw. I have now gone through the file system and removed all reference to zd1211rw from places such as /usr/src/linux2.6.17 (yes I am using the .17 and not .18) along with /lib/modules I have even gone through the files in lib/modules and deleted any reference to zd1211rw from within them such as modules.dep etc. As saiid previously this is not a problem as the whole system works, just a curious nature makes me ask why this happens. Have I missed some file somewhere? Are the actual drivers located somewhere that I have not looked? Neil
  9. Whilst this is not actually a problem with my system I am curious as to why this information is being displayed. I am using a Sitecom wl-113 USB Dongle for wireles networking. All works well. However when I run Harddrake and look at the wireless dongle it tells me I am using the ZD1211rw driver. But I am not. So where is it getting this info from? I have removed all traces (at least I think so) of the zd1211rw driver, its sources and its gz's, yet I still se zd1211rw in harddrake. Any clues? Secondly, when I first started using the Sitecom under 2006 it was aliased as wlan0 yet under 2007 it is aliased as eth0. Again this is not problem, the system is fully functional, just curious why this has changed? Neil
  10. I also use the ZD1211 chipset with a Sitecom USB dongle. Under 2006 I had some problems, however under 2007 I found it quite easy. Firstly try installing the ZD1211 DKMS from the Repo's then check for the zd1211 drivers and firmware from the Repo's also. Next search for the ZD1211 firmware on sourceforge and copy those files onto your system within the specified folder. Once you have done this re-boot the machine and see what happens. Personally this solved my problems with this chipset. I simply used MCC to setup the networking and hey presto I have wireless. Under 2006 I had to use the web drivers for this and areccompiled kernel. Let me know how you get on. Neil
  11. SOLVED AT LAST Having tried numerous different things to get my system working correctly I came up with quite a cheeky solution. For all those with a similar problem here is my solution. 1. Drop out of KDE into a console. 2. Login as root. 3. type urpme kde Wait while this completes 4. type urpmi gnome Wait while this completes 5. Reboot. Bye Bye all the problems. In plain English BYE BYE KDE...!!!! Neil
  12. All updates have been applied. There are none left in the list. Well Ithink so anyhow - I am now unable to use Software Manager in MCC - Another problem with 2007? Things I have tried to resolve this problem: - 1 - Removed services as above, 2 - Removed all services from KDE control centre/Components/Services, 3 - Removed Knemo - This semed to be doing a lot in the background 4 - Spent the last two days geting the andriva suplied ZD1211 driver working with my wireless dongle - a thread I read suggested that sometimes code errors in new drivers caused memory trap problems. 5 - puled out lots of hair out trying to figure this out - no longer need to get a hair cut. Neil
  13. When I say freezes I mean the whole system just hangs. I am unable to use the mouse or keyboard. Occasionally I can use the keyboard enough to press ctrl+esc and get into ksysguard, once there I can do nothing. Sometimes I get the system back within 30 seconds, sometimes it is around 2 minutes. I have disabled as much of KDE as possible from services in control centre, I have dissabled as much as possible from boot up services. Still the system hangs. Neil
  14. I have run the system now for a few days with the changes as above. I am still suffering greatly with the problem of my memory being eaten. Something in the background seems to be eating all the memory or at least not releasing the memory when I close applications. Is there something runing in the memory that does not show up in Ksysguard? Is there a way of checking deeper than ksysguard for running applications There has to be a reason for this - my PC is 2Ghz with 384mb of RAM and a dedicated 1gb swap drive which is never touched by KDE. I really do hope I dont have to start using Gnome (no offence meant). Neil
  15. Have dissabled tha above list as suggested - although not harddrake as I do plug in USB disks. Will se how it goes from here. Thanks for the response. Will keep you informed. Neil
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