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  1. Now to see and admire. All on one CD Rosegarden no problem ....Lex
  2. Lexicon

    TV card problem

    I have a problem with the adjustment of the noise in TvTime. The card TVis a steered with slider "CD Loopback" Run command And here is problem .....Lex
  3. Ardour know what to serve.I need this programm. But I can not start Jack, even in the no-realtime. I have Qsynth for Cooker. I know, in earlier editions of MDV was easier to run Jackit. I have even kernel 2.6.11-multimedia for Mandriva, already compiled for use with work Jackit in realtime. I will have to compile the kernel to work with jackit
  4. ROSEGARDEN made enormous progress for some time. Jack does not want me to run. And I have a beautiful set of SoundFont. Profi sound card. Two cards. M-Audio and SBLive. To recording I use Ardour. For now, suffice it to me. But to load SoundFont (180Mb) qsynth need. Yes, I look forward to a stable version of MDV 2009Spring and only start to work .... Lex
  5. Thank you, if you have Linux, it is a basis. After today's race F1 Australia, the German language I do not want to know ... Lex
  6. You have the kernel compiled with RealTime?. When you import from another program channels are badly broken down ....Lex
  7. No problem with Audio CD in Cooker ....Lex
  8. Lexicon

    The last upgrade

    Is this normal, is there a substitute?
  9. I always had a problem with export to MIDI file and vice versa. Install and check ...Lex
  10. I use as default Kaffeine4, Xine, Mplayer in KDE, no problem ...Lex
  11. This my last desktop. Mandriva cooker 2009.1 RC1 ...Lex
  12. Very nice desktop. However, Mandriva! ...Lex :D ...Lex
  13. Thanks, I look forward eagerly to the shipment. With MIDI you help, I have a beautiful sound and how the bank will need to go used. I am concerned only that, people probably need a 5.1 card for DVDs and games ....Lex
  14. http://www.m-audio.com/ From what I know is the German company M-Audio only comes onto the market with professional equipment. USB card works without a problem, however, is that many cards do not work with Linux http://www.twenga.pl/dir-Informatyka,Karta-dzwiekowa-529 A full range of products. Not that work under Linux. I want to buy M-Audio Revolution 5.1. Of course, no deviation from the topic. From m-audio sound cards begin with, the rest is noise generators. exchange rates http://www.google.pl/ig/adde?moduleurl=hos...amp;source=plce
  15. Foto http://www.aukcjewp.wp.pl/show_item.php?it...8163199#gallery Driver http://ftp.gnu.org/tmp/linux-libre-fsf2_2....iophile-Usb.txt Are you the 5.1 sound I hear? ....Lex
  16. I launched MCC / Hardware 3D and compiz, and just press OKI installed a package. ....Lex
  17. I have also I do not have any problems. Waiting for corrections and official release ....Lex
  18. I use only command Now we do not know if I have indicated the server to update or not. See fragment nośnik = media jest aktualny = currenet Look Some of the selected package can not be installed: Why. Since these are the packages for KDE 4.2.0! and not for 4.2.1 Next. In order to satisfy dependencies will be installed the following packages: Rozpocząć instalację 1 pakietu? (57 MB) (T/n) Install one package? Yes. The 132MB download package. Fragment This is today last update ....Lex
  19. A stable PLD LiveCD edition was published. we will find K in it among others the Environment 4.2.1 Desktop and KOffice 2.0 of baby's sleeping bag 7. Certainly a new drawing will rivet the attention - boot of splashes, KDM topic and KSplash and wallpapers created for PLD by Jędrzej Sosnowski. Download http://livecd.pld-linux.pl/pldlive-kde4-4.2.i686.iso Screens http://livecd.pld-linux.pl/images/screenshot-3.png At the boot it has the option "copy to RAM" ....Lex
  20. I have KDE4.2.1. Not applied urpme - -auto-ofans. The work shall also Xfce-One. KDE 3.5.10 has been several times faster. Now I have to choose the color .... Lex
  21. The KDE 4.2.1 installation lasts. About 350 Mb but I chose QT 4, we will see what will result from it. 367 positions on MDV-ONE .... Lex ------------------------------------------------- On end find command use "urpme --auto-ophans" By my KDE 4.2.1, but I have only English version 3.5.10. Don't use "urpme --auto-ophans"
  22. These are repositories for Mandriva 2009 Official for x86_32 urpmi.addmedia kde42-20090 <kde-mirror>/stable/4.2.1/Mandriva/2009.0/RPMS/i586 for x86_64: urpmi.addmedia kde42-20090 <kde-mirror>/stable/4.2.1/Mandriva/2009.0/RPMS/x86_64 Add all urpmi.addmedia kde42-20090-noarch <kde-mirror>/stable/4.2.1/Mandriva/2009.0/RPMS/noarch For kde-mirror find servers here http://www.kde.org/mirrors/ftp.php example urpmi.addmedia kde42-20090-noarch http://ftp.kde.org/stable/4.2.1/Mandriva/2009.0/RPMS/noarch .....Lex [Lexicon, I've merged your post with this topic. - Greg2]
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