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    I would like to recall, because the output is approaching the stable version of MDV 2009 Kadu and Kopete works on the same library libkadu. Only a little bit different programs. Kadu is working very nicely, Kopete does not want to work with. When did it change? I recall, if not using an account with them to lose Gadu-Gadu
  2. http://blog.audiojungle.net/resources/29-m...apps-for-linux/ ...Lex [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-app...-converter.html
  4. I he is carrying copies out whether he is archiving catalogues into, simple and fast MCC
  5. After years of playing, the game stopped working. Ceased to operate, "a F22 Raptor." The problem lies in the fact that the game does not see CD-ROM. Starts only in multiplayer mode. How to resolve. In contrast, the game started to go like "Ultimate Race Pro"
  6. Is a board for this mistake? or wait for the patch?
  7. The problem occurs in games. First, the mouse goes back not to the borders, left - right(Quake3Arena). While in another game starts at low resolution and I do not have access to the lowest lying options(F1Grand Prix) (Soved) The sound is great, as in the BMW Sauber. I have Digital Monitor is 16:9. I have installed DirectX 9c. ...Lex [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. AVI is a file that contains video and audio. Video can be in many formats. The same clip. Most contained in a file AVI MPEG material in various forms. Read the post and then run it from the console. Always make sure you use at the beginning of good applications as Mplayer, Xine or ffplay package ffmpeg... Lex
  9. To set your video the same value as for the audio. This is a bug
  10. Aha, if You have video problem, do to MCC. Sysstem automaticly download all needed packages ...Lex
  11. rpm -qa | grep nvidia All packages containing the name of NVIDIA rpm -qa | grep kernel All packages containing the name of kernel Name of kernel, type of processor etc ....Lex
  12. Lexicon

    TV card problem

    No one knows how to make a command? ....Lex
  13. I also got today but drivers And it's working, do not understand what the problem. He had previously built
  14. I do not know what it has to do with security, a simple error to correct. Only I do not know whether Konqueror error or the page.
  15. If I enable Java in Konqueror, but this forum will refresh loop. The same problem repeats itself at the opening of the next bookmark. This is not JAVA problem. I Konqueror impressive speed. Only those few problems ...Lex
  16. IPV6 disabled, then the same thing. Mplayer without MEncoder is not worth anything, so I think that is missing a codec. What - I know just where to download?
  17. How to install codecs for the format WMV2 ....Lex [moved from Software by Greg2]
  18. http://leenooks.com/ .......Lex
  19. What packages manage the launch of the system. His appearance. I had a version of ONE, 2009 and now 2009.1. At the time of loading KDE wallpaper is changed several times ...Lex --------------------------------------------------------------------- Look at start and end of a managed package mandriva-free-config (One, Power Pack etc.) Not only solved the KDM background appearance. I can not run as ROOT
  20. It is time to upgrade 2008.1 to 2009 ....Lex
  21. I use only the MCC. All are making a mistake. Do not perform system commands to the end. MCC is able to install any card (nvidia) if you execute the command. The install kernel-devel, tools, everything you need and charge you at the end of the NVIDIA driver. I use dkms nvidia driver. Good luck ....Lex
  22. Install on new patition, or to the upgrade?
  23. When RC2? In a month will be official. ...Lex
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