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  1. "What happened to the sound card?" Well, someone adviced me to use the on-board sound at first, said he did not notice much difference anyway. And I kind of agree: the onboard sound I've had was always satisfactory. If I want to, I can still put in a sound card quite easily later. And I'll probably will need that much power for a couple of the games that I'm anticipating.
  2. Okay... next round! - [skt 939] AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 3000+ 64bit Skt 939, Retail, - [skt 939] MSI K8N SLI Platin,Nforce4, DDR400,SATA,Glan,2xPCI-X - [PC3200] DDR400 1024MB Corsair ValueSelect [2x512MB for DUALDDR] - IN-WIN X710 F-tower, LED Silver, 430W,2xFan,USB2/Audio - Pioneer DVD Bur DVR-109 OEM BLACK 16x+/-,6X+/-Double layer - Maxtor 200Gb 7200rpm 8mb, SATA Diamond Max 10 - [PCI-E] Asus Nvidia EN6600GT, 128MB Tv-out, DVI,2*VGA,PCIX Total: 944,25€ Hmmm... this looks pretty good! smile.gif Only thing I'm not sure about, is the graphics card. I want a card with good performance, without having to spend gazillions (i.e. €400-700) on it.
  3. Okay, new try: Coolermaster Wavemaster Alluminium Casing 130,10€ LG DVD RW+/- 16x Double Layer 16/16/4/40, OEM, 4163BB 58,82€ [skt 939] AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 3000+ 64bit Skt 939, Retail 158,07€ [skt 939] MSI K8N SLI Platin,Nforce4, DDR400,SATA,Glan,2xPCI-X 171,10€ Maxtor 200Gb 7200rpm 8mb, SATA Diamond Max 10 106,11€ [PC3200] DDR400 1024MB Corsair ValueSelect [2x512MB for DUALDDR] 147,58€ Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS Retail, Platinum 191,11€ (OR: get another sound card in some other shop) Coolermaster PSU ATX, 450W + Power Consumption indicator. 92,01€ [PCI-E] Asus Nvidia EN6600GT, 128MB Tv-out, DVI,2*VGA,PCIX 201,77€ Total: 1280,86€
  4. Gowator, you mean this one (MOBO)? http://www.linuxbelgiumshop.be/en/pc_detai...e46d89c14cad161 If someone wants to have fun helping me choose my parts, you can go here: http://www.linuxbelgiumshop.be/en/pc_conf.html
  5. Gowator: what MOBO are you talking about? I didn't see anything highlighter. And another person also adviced me to go with the 3000+ , since the difference with 3400+ would not be noticeable.
  6. No, it seems a good deal. My dad payed almost double of that for his system and it's nowhere near as good...
  7. <Small rant> Well, as you know my PC just came back from the shop out of repair. And it went pretty well. 9.3 installed on it without a hitch. I'm thinking the PC repair guy must have been pretty surprised when he saw SuSe 9.1 still happily booting up from Grub after processor and motherboard were changed. Whereas Windoze, it complained about not being able to start up, due to it not being activated. Tell the truth, I don't feel like activating it. And if I do, maybe I have to re-install the thing after all. </end rant> Anyway, I'm already looking to what my new PC will look like. I'll keep this PC for work and internet, "official" stuff and focus the other (the one I'm configuring) one more on gaming. So this'll be my "gaming rig". Of course, it'll have to run Linux. So I had some fun with an online tool called "PC-configurator" on http://www.linuxbelgiumshop.be/nl/ And I'd appreciate some feedback on the components I've choosen so far. Item: Processor Model: [skt 754] AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 64bit / 400MHz FSB 512KB / box Price: 238,67€ Item: Motherboard Model: [skt 754] MSI K8N NFORCE3 NEO PLATINUM DDR400,SATA,Raid,7.1,Glan Price: 106,20€ Item: RAM Model: [PC3200] DDR400 1024MB Corsair ValueSelect [2x512MB for DUALDDR] Price: 147,58€ Item: PC Assembly Price: 24,20€ Item: computer case Model: Coolermaster Centurion 5 Tower Case,350W,Black Price: 85,72€ Item: DVD-Rom Model: LG - DVD-Rom 16x48x - BLACK Price: 22,78€ Item: CD-RW Model: LG - CDRW Writer 52x32x52x - BLACK Price: 23,67€ Item: Hard Disk Model: Maxtor 160Gb 7200rpm 8mb Diamond Max +9 Price: 85,36€ Item: Network Card Model: 3com 905C-TX_M 10/100Mbit PCI Card Price: 30,61€ Item: Sound Card Model: Creative SB Live! 24-Bit Retail (difference with OEM = ?) Price: 48,54€ Item: Power Supply Model: Coolermaster PSU ATX, 450W + Power Consumption indicator. Price: 92,01€ Item: Graphics card Model: [PCI-E] Asus Nvidia EN6600TD, 256MB Tv-out, DVI,2*VGA, PCIX Link: http://www.linuxbelgiumshop.be/en/pc_detai...ac803a8353e04c2 Price: 154,01€ Total Price: 1059,34€ To me, seems really "cheap" for such a powerful system, at least compared to retail boxes. What do you think of it?
  8. uh... so was I. Perhaps too subtly though <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I joke so subtly, you cannot discern it from reality nor from meaningless drivel.
  9. This: http://sipphone.com/adapters/ ?
  10. Yes, I think Linspire sells something called "Sipphone", I think that's what you are asking about. I can't recall any others though. http://www.sipphone.com/ There should be a GAIM plug-in for it too.
  11. I'm Waiting for Oblivion :) Oblivion will need a powerful graphics card. I'll finally be able to play Prince of Persia etc. too! Yes, I guess you could say I'm a PC gamer... just not the one that likes FPS!
  12. They've got Antec as one of their partners, should be no prob. asking an Antec supply. 450 Watt, you said, right? And I think I'll switch my current Geforce MX 440 64MB with a Geforce 6600GT 128MB RAM. That will mean they can choose a motherboard with PCI-Express slot. So to recap: - Intel 2.8Ghz processor (I'll get a AMD64 for my next PC) - Intel Motherboard with PCI-Express - Antec power supply 450Watt - Geforce 6600GT 128MB Ram How's that for a plan? And how much would that cost approximately? I guess a couple of hundreds more? If I want to make any more changes, I'd better ask for it tomorrow. Otherwise I might piss them off since they've already ordered my stuff. Although I think they only ordered the Intel 2.8Ghz processor. I know it's a hefty upgrade, but I consider it as getting a new PC...
  13. So someone told me I should get a power supply of at least 350 Watt (for the GT 6600) and I'd be fine. So I specifically asked for that, but the lady on the phone told me it would probably be at least 350 Watt, since the processor I'm getting is a P-IV. Seems like I'm all set... phew!
  14. Well, since I'm "upgrading" my PC anyways, I'm considering replacing my Geforce MX440 with a nvidia Geforce 6600 - one of these cards: http://cdb.novell.com/productSearch.php?PH..._groups%5B%5D=5 Any catches? Of course I might wait a bit 'till they get cheaper. A friend of mine said sticking in a new graphic card is very easy.
  15. They'll switch my AMD 2000+ (1,6Ghz) with an Intel PIV 2.8Ghz processor and the motherboard with a modern Intel MOBO. Power supply will be replaced too. All of this in total will cost around €400. I've called a friend who said it's not cheap, but it certainly isn't money wasted. One thing I was wondering: I plan to get a high-end nvidia card within a few years (a card which is high-end at this moment, like a Geforce 6600 or 6800). That would not be possible with my current MOBO, but will it be a problem with the newer, more modern MOBO? I guess not, but I'm asking to be sure. I have a Geforce MX440 AGP card currently, so the new MOBO will most likely also have an AGP slot. Otherwise how are they expecting to get it to run? Which leaves the question if the powersupply is good enough. I suppose "good enough" in the context of a power supply means "powerful" enough? Now I also wonder: is it a good idea to get a new Graphics card now or should I wait a couple of more months/years? It would be annoying if I had to replace the power supply and MOBO AGAIN, just for a new graphics card. Although I'm also considering to keep this comp. and build a new one for gaming then. Then again, all my current PC will lack for gaming, when it gets back from the store, is a good graphics card...
  16. Yes, Wine should be in the RPMs on the CD. I think the best thing you can do, is to download the Arachnophilia installer and run it with Wine. Wine will then unpack it somewhere in /home/username/.wine/fakewindows/ Then, run the executable with Wine. Or try Crossover Office, it's an improved version of Wine, kind of "Wine on steroids" with improved support for installers. Crossover is commercial though (not free), but there is a demo.
  17. Possibly it'll run with them, yes. Best thing you can do is just try it. I used Arachnophilia in the past. Personally, I use Html-Kit now, which is supposed to work pretty good with Wine ( http://www.chami.com/html-kit/support/docs...es/h000134.html ). Have you ever tried this program? Oh, and for a Linux native program, I think Quanta Plus is the most advanced Html Editor out there
  18. But VMware is kind of expensive, no?
  19. Hi, If it's only 2 programs (which ones, if I may ask?) you need, maybe Wine or CrossOver Office (see http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxoffi...96c677595370154 ) could help you run them. Wine is free, for Crossover Office you can download a 30-day trial from their website. Darkelve
  20. Out of curiosity: what about boards with a higher chipset, like nforce3 or nforce4?
  21. No I don't, what I meant was it might have helped you since you had a BIOS problem ;) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ha! Good one. So I can buy a dual-engine in case my car brakes down! :D
  22. I got this newsletter in my mail today. But what's this about Xbox support? I thought there *was* no xbox emulator for Linux?
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