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  1. Nero is always complaining about magicdev. How can I disable it temporalily?
  2. If nothing else works you can try mplayerplugin.
  3. Guess the initials in the rpm files will be MDA. The package manager in 2005LE will still be urpmi, in 2006 it will likely be smartpm. What was wrong with Conectiva 9 and 10?
  4. That is nice wish it would be in the official. The link is not working thou, 'http' is written twice. Just delete one of them and it'll work.
  5. There should be a transition period in that too to really let people know about the new name. Send out news to every site: Mandrakelinux changing name to Whatever Linux. Maybe a counter on the official website would be good saying something like: x days left to Mandrakelinux officially change the name to Whatever Linux. And 10.2 would came out with the new name written everywhere inside the distro Whatever Linux (former Mandrakelinux). This way the transition would be flawless. Everybody would know about it. Now think about what they are really doing about it. A few letters on cooker list and a poll and a topic here. No word from the company. MandrakeSoft again...
  6. The admin (scoopy ?) should put some notes about this poll on the index page cause noone seems to know about it.
  7. Beside that there was a game called MDK. It even had a second part. Look at this.
  8. What? As I said earlier in one of my posts: community is not only for giving money. They can help you write docs, draw better graphics (IMHO that is a must, the current look is ridiculous) and the most of all find bugs. The Download edition is the base for their boxed distros isn't it, it should be rock solid, so the more people are using it the more bugs will be found and corrected. Not to mention that the bigger the community the bigger the club. Bigger the community -> more the Mandrake experts -> better the distros image -> more customers. Yes it's not directly money but it is the future. Absolutely true in my case. Disagree. A good product name gives a good feeling. Positive(!) and simple, easy to remember. Thats why MacOS 10.3 is called Jaguar (or Panther? Can't remember) and not just Yet Another OS 10.3. BTW before every release had its own name (vitamin, dolphin, five star etc.) they could ask their community to help them to choose one. Mandrakelinux is a commercial product so find a real name. And nor you are a native English speaker (sorry if yes). Well nor am I, but I read some of their posts about what they associated with driva.
  9. Maybe it's true but it still matters that in which language is it a curse. The most widely used languages in the world are english, spanish, french etc. (not necessarily in this order). If the name is a curse in one of these languages then you can throw it away.
  10. Well I don't have anything against Mandrakelinux as distro, and I'm not arguing against MandrakeSoft technical decisions. I'm arguing with lack of conversation between them and the community. They don't seem to care about them/us. I think it's a big a disadvantage in a Linux distro manufacturer which is living from its community. I'm not a business expert so... why? So what? Mandrake was the first or one of the first to ask which packages to put in the distro from users. They could be the first in that too. I can accept that the decision is their but at least they could ask what we like. Do you think share holders will like Mandriva?
  11. Mantiva is still a better choice IMHO, and it's trademarkable. And if it's all about trademarks then why not use Conectiva. Everyone knows it's a Linux distro Mandrake bought (merged) with them so I can't see any problems. What was the Chinese Coca Cola example?
  12. Wasn't it the same with the release cycle? Only a confusing press release for days. Isn't it the same with this name changing? No words yet. They maybe already made the decision, but didn't tell anything about it. I think they should have put the poll on their official website. Or if they made the decision then they should have put another press release. It seems they don't learn from their mistakes.
  13. I guess you didn't check www.mandiva.com.
  14. Mandrake (the comic character) is a magician. I looked at distrowatch and ther is no Magician Linux though there is Magic Linux. Another idea on this line is Wizard Linux. No Wizard linux on distrowatch though there is a Wizard Linux Team. I found them on Google. Don't know if they want to make a distro. If an italian speaker would be so kind to tell it. Another idea Spellcaster OS. Didn' checked it.
  15. True, but will every driver or software be open sourced if we force the companis? I doubt. They want to keep their secrets as long as they have profit from it e.g. Nvidia will not put a "Howto manufacture GeForce chip" doc on the web because every chip manufacturer would make and sell its own GeForce chip instead of buying it from Nvidia. I think it's pretty obvious. You want to force them or ATI or any other company using closed source drivers? How? You use video cards I'm sure. What I'm trying to say here is sometimes it's inevitable to use their products because there is no other option but to use them or not. Maybe it will change in the future but today these are the facts. Then that is the perfect time to tell them to go back to Windows. True, but sometimes it takes too much time to understand that you can't have a fully functional computer because of pride. But for a Linux manufacturer company: it gives the more info the better (IMHO of course). Sometimes it's understandable that they just make a decision sometimes not. The don't have to justify anything, but they better do. Maybe I will. I can't decide because of the lack of info. The most important to me is public updates between official releases. The press release was 10 days ago and there are still no further words. edit: thanks to artee it's settled now. Maybe your dream is closer than you think click. As about closed source drivers true that companys should not be rewarded for using them but if there are no alternatives then one have to face the facts. Until that video card is not out on the shelves, there's no point in abusing ATI or Nvidia. Linux market is small for them comparing to Windows market. They can turn out just as easely they turned in. After the alternative (that open sourced video card) has born, ATI and Nvidia drivers could be thrown away and you can encourage everybody to use that and only that video card. I care about it but not over usability. Anyone tell me why the forum engine is not drawing those boxes around the quote texts? [formatted by spinynorman]
  16. Well Mandrake official is current enough for me. I don't like bleeding edge distros but I like to work with the latest stable. I know it's free now but will it remain free (I mean the updates between the annual official releases)? I don't know and I think noone (or very few) knows yet outside the company. This is related to what I think one of the problems of MandrakeSoft : the lack of conversation between them and their community/fans outside the club. I'm sure there are wonderful people here but there's no relation between them and the company.
  17. Without modem drivers for Linux, one can't get onto the web? Whatabout windows? Or, if one doesn't have windows, why does one have a winmodem???? Buy Linux compatible hardware! That's the only way to improve - Linuxcompatible with open source drivers, that is! Ehmm, how so? I have paid out of free will, not for any of the benefits of the club. And for my translations I have gotten a VIP membership, giving access to Silver level stuff. I don't see why you think one has to pay to become a member of the community around Mdk.. MandrakeSoft is a company. No need to disclose everything. Heck, look at SUSE - I posted a bugreport and haven't the faintest idea if anyone ever looked at it. I included the fix that Mdk's buglist had for it, so it should be easy for them to fix it, but that's all. For all I can see, lots of Mdklinux is much more open than RH (not talking about FC here!) SUSE and other commercial distributions (heck, xandros, linspire etc even include proprietary software). There are certainly things wrong with how Mdksoft is executing (or hopefully, has been executing) their stuff, but the points you mention are hardly the large stumbling blocks. I'd say treating amd64 versions differently than regular i586 is imho the major point, next up are the bad marketing (or lack thereof), low visibility, etc... which hopefully the new release cycle will address. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  18. I always thought club members get more official packages and support with it. Since my last post I found nvidia and fglrx driver packages in Thac's reposytory so it's not an issue anymore. As I wrote I'm not talking about only video drivers. They're needed only for 3D, and everybody has a videocard therefore video drivers are the easyest to install and setup from their original source. What's more important IMHO are drivers like forcedeth and Smartlink modem drivers. They truly affect the usabilty of the distro, e.g. without modem drivers one can't go out on the net where he can get help, so it really should be on the install CD. Yeah community members could do a lot of things to improve Mandrakelinux, but if you really want to be a community member at Mandrake you have to pay for it first. I think it's a huge holding back for the distro and the company. I've found this. If I can recommend something put the URL of your blog to this síte and your signature here. AFAIK you are the only MandrakeSoft employee writing here or is there anybody else? I'll never understand that, why private? Is it a secret? Maybe someone from the outside could give an idea now in the designing phase that could improve a lot. It would much better now than rewrite it later.
  19. I understand that MandrakeSoft needs money, I just think it's not a good idea to charge for something that other distros give freely. At some distros you don't even have to install it. See Yoper. Second : I think if people need to choose between ideals and usability they choose the latter, and I don't have to say which way brings more money to Mandrake. Not to mention that this driver issue is not only about video drivers. Some things don't work without forcedeth or anything else. If they don't put it in contrib then they should put it in a different directory or anything just make it freely available. What I mean that Mandrake should be a fully functioning distro in every way (that includes drivers).
  20. Good news. Thank you for the info. I think it should. I wrote at the end of my previous post why. I don't want to pretend that I know your job better than you but I think: big community -> better image -> bigger club -> more income any ways.No free updates -> smaller community which leave when became more experienced -> same amount people leaves the club the same amount comes -> no development -> MandrakeSoft stays where it is, while everybody else grows. Maybe it's not the way things really are, but I think this is logical. That's really basic. Again thank you for the info it's already much more than in the press release. Hope more comes, even if it's not your job. I can read the technical details in the cooker newsletter but I couldn't find anything about the merging anywhere.
  21. First: is that freely available? Second: I'm not talking about only KDE and I'm not talking about only now. What I'm concerned about is freely avilable feature (not only bugfix and security) updates in the new release cycle. Yep but while he is here his views are very strictly his own..... Well he's an insider. He can provide some more info what's not in the press release or on the website (which looks very chaotic to me so maybe just I can't find it). Yep but lots already leave when it doesn't work..... That's the real sad thing I mean it's totally acceptable when somebody leaves because he just didn't liked it. But when somebody leaves because it didn't work.. well the newbies ask help from the more experienced and they say don't use Mandrake so it ruins the image of the distro which is already not the best on the forum where I normally write. The Linux market is constantly growing or that's what I've been told, so it's not enough any more the some people comes some people goes attitude. More people should come than leave. That's why I think a non-club member community should be kept well, first of all with info and the feeling that they are a part of a community and a good distro a constantly updated one. All of us know community is not just for giving money. They could help in a thousand way where Mandrake needs improvement.
  22. HI everyone! It's my first post here. I've read through this topic and thought I can add a few things. First about the new release cycle. I'm one of those who like stability over features, therefore I dont mind that Mandrake is already outdated comparing to other distros. I'm not glad but I don't mind. But one year without feature updates (e.g. from KDE 3.3 to 3.4) is a bit too much. I'm talking about public updates since I'm not a club member. I think no public updates means no community sooner or later. I understand that paying customers get everything sooner and get everything more and better, but there are some limits because it's Linux. Only in this topic 3 or 4 people wrote that they will leave Mandrake if this happens. I know that this wont bring Mandrake back to bankruptcy if there are some people who take their place. But are there? Or will be? Abusing your community is a suicidal thing in Linux. Next: about the merger agreement. Its more than a month now and I (and I gues a lots of other people) dont know who bought who (I know its merging but why did they pay then?), what tecnology will they use from Conectiva and what will be at all. If no decisions are made then what are the options? I think that one more way to keep the community alive and well is to give them a lot of info and all we got is a press release that creates more questions than anwsers (for me). This whole topic was born because there is no info, and the main reason to reg here was I'd like to get some answers. I hope somebody from Mandrakesoft is reading this, I assume adamw is a Mandrakesoft employee. One more thing about the drivers that were mentioned before. I think the reason you gave, that the distro won't be Free then, is fake. Since club members can download it, do they deserve a non-free distro and non club members deserve a totally free distro? I don't see the logic behind it, unless if you say it's for getting more club members. If you really serious about it then put the drivers in the contrib. Second I think that most users just want the most out of the box and don't give a damn about if it's free or freely downloadable and distributable. AFAIK Nvidia license permits to bundle it with a distro, correct me if not.
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