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    kernel source on net

    "....on the Mandrake CDs/DVD" Is there on MDK 10.1 cd? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can only speak for the DVD version, as that's the one I own - but I'm not sure if the free download editon has it (I'm now assuming it doesn't!) good luck!
  2. Naim89

    Xorg transparency

    I'm using Mandrake 10.1. Thanks for the info, I'll try that. UPDATE: xcompmgr needs "xcomposite" to compile successfully. We are now at square one again!
  3. Naim89

    Xorg transparency

    I can't seem to find any other version of X.org other than the stock release - how can I build my own? Or does it require special syntax at compile time?
  4. Naim89

    Xorg transparency

    Unfortunately, no result for xcomposite anywhere :( how can I install it? where is it obtained?
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to compile xcompmgr and transset so that I can have transparent windows and window shadows and other eye candy! However, I keep getting the same error message: checking for xcomposite xfixes xdamage xrender... Package xcomposite was not found in the pkg-config search path. Perhaps you should add the directory containing `xcomposite.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'xcomposite' found configure: error: Library requirements (xcomposite xfixes xdamage xrender) not met; consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so pkg-config can find them. I tried to search for "xcomposite", with no luck. I have the latest version of Xorg installed. Should xcomposite have been installed or do I need to install it seperately? Many thanks, Naim
  6. Hmm... I've changed the security setting to Standard but it still prompts for the root's password ...
  7. The security level is set to high! Could this be the cause of the problem? Would changing it to Standard fix it?
  8. Hi there, When I connect ppp0 to the internet, it always prompts for the root's password, to run: /sbin/ifup ppp0 I saw that the permissions on this file was -rwxr-xr-x (0755). The terminal output was: [naim@localhost sbin]$ ./ifup ./ifup: line 5: /etc/init.d/functions: Permission denied usage: ifup <device name> [naim@localhost sbin]$ I then checked the permissions on the file /etc/init.d/functions. As I expected, the permissions on the file was -rwx------ (0700). I am considering changing the permissions of /etc/init.d/functions to 0755, so that I wouldn't have to provide the root password when connecting to the internet. It becomes annoying when someone else needs to use the internet, and I have to keep providing the password. However, would the changing of the file /etc/init.d/functions to 0755 lead to any security vunerabilities or else be a silly idea? Is the permissions on the file 0700 for a reason? Thanks in advance, Naim
  9. no problem! :D the camera is in a way, a USB mass storage device, in the same way as the USB pen drive. This makes the concept the same. Good luck!
  10. This is because Sony-Ericcson has an established common firmware that is common with all sony-ericcson, nokia, and other mobile phones. Because of a common platform that is used among loads of phones, there is a wide community that has this platform, so development is very likely. Anyone with ITRON OS? :D :P
  11. Yes, it has been fixed by official updates - see this thread: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=23314 It's a similar issue, except it's mounting a camera instead of a USB pendrive, however the concept is still the same.
  12. If you are using Mandrake 10.1, this is a known bug. Use nautlius or any other filer, and it should be fine. Btw, to unmount the removable drive, simply type: $ su Password: # umount /dev/sda1 #
  13. You could try using Qemu, which is a good, free (unlike VMWare), OS emulator. http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/ If all else fails, Windows and Linux can run alongside each other in a dual-boot configuration :)
  14. Note that at the moment, OpenOffice.org 2.0 is still in beta testing. The RPMs you download will be version 1.9 because it is still in beta testing, for the upcoming 2.0 stable release.
  15. Naim89

    kernel source on net

    I believe the source code is actually included on the Mandrake CDs/DVD. Run 'rpmdrake' as root - you should be able to find it.
  16. Thanks, the instructions you gave worked like a charm :D
  17. Wouldn't it be much better if there was a common standard between ALL mobile phones? This would make life a hell of a lot easier! So, looks like the two choices really are: 1) Disassemble the phone. Find out how it works. Disassemble the software on the phone and find out how that works (I have a copy of the software - 30MB). Then create a program that can achieve communication with this device. 2) Go to the high street. Go to the local Sony-Erricson shop. Buy a T630. Enjoy! I can do a little bit of programming - I'm only as good really as those 21-day courses where I know all the basics and can embark on more complex projects - but I simply do not have the time, money or expertise to do the first option! If I get a new phone, I can experiment on this one to try and achieve something (something which I've been willing to do is to get rid of the Infrared restriction which disallows transfers by IrDA, forcing customers to Media Message instead, which I think is a bit but none the less). Ah well, thanks for your help anyway!
  18. I'm trying to follow the instructions above to install the V4L driver for my Fuji camera to use it as a webcam. I can compile the driver successfully but when i type modprobe videodev, this is what I get: $ modprobe videodev bash: modprobe: command not found $ Any ideas? EDIT: SOLVED. modprobe MUST be run as root!
  19. Ah, it runs it's own propriety software - something like ITRON OS... If my memory serves me correctly... but unfortunately nevertheless it's not Windows or Symbian powered. Otherwise, it'd be damn easy! I actually have the copy of the software (called a FLASH) in motorola s-record format. I can't actually figure out how to translate it into assembly or source code to know how it works - otherwise it'd be a great step to knowing how the phone operates - and by knowing how it operates, it wouldn't be rocket science to make a tool that could do such things...
  20. Please could you sort out the link, as it doesn't seem to load? http://www.muhri.net/nav.php3?node=gts I've been able to change my GTK1 theme with GTK-theme-switch but my GTK2 apps still have the same look and feel :(
  21. How would I go about adding the same style that I use in gtk2 as gtk1?
  22. Is there a way to connect my mobile phone to Mandrake so that I can do things like managing my contacts, organising SMS & MMS, transfering pictures and videos etc.? I am using a Sharp GX20 and I have a data cable. The data cable doesn't seem to work though - it comes up on the list of hardware under "unknown/others", and the manufacturer (Mobile Action) only bother with a Windows version. If it turns out that cable is not the way to go, is there any way by IrDA? Any help appreciated.
  23. In GNOME, the theme looks lovely. Everything looks the same (apart from annoying KDE apps), including the widgets and window borders. How would I go about acheiving the same uniformity in other window managers (such as fluxbox)? When I run a GTK app in fluxbox, it gives me the "default", unthemed look. How can i change this so that my GTK apps can be given a certain theme to follow whilst I'm under that window manager?
  24. It is the penguins - at least, it's what got my sister into Linux - the cute cuddly penguin! :D True, a lot of Linux goodies are ported to Windows - although in an ideal world, where no-one used Windows, there simply wouldn't be a need! :P And also, we have a new feature of Windows: Multiple desktops: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx http://www.dailything.com/archives/008041.php ... where have I seen that one before? Unfortunately, with numerous tests, this is a piece of crap, excuse my french. The change from desktop to desktop is slow (even on my P4 3.06GHz, 512MB RAM, nVIDIA GeForce 5200 PC), it is VERY buggy (some windows disappear, some windows don't look right, some just don't work at all) - it's just another example of bad design! When will they stop chasing Linux (and/or other UNIXes), and actually concentrate on getting their system to work? lol.
  25. oh ... I didn't know I had cygwin installed; I definately didn't install it... Maybe someone else did, Ah well... Hardly use windows anymore anyway!
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