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Mandriva One Gnome on Eee PC 1005HA-H

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Does anybody have an Eee PC battery lasting in Mandriva as long as it lasts in Windows? My 1005HA-H has a 10.5h capacity battery, and roughly that's what I get in Windows XP: I discharged the battery to 65% of its capacity, and the system tray was telling me that I had about 6 hours left. In live mode, Mandriva ONE GNOME was draining the battery much quicker, with 80% charged battery it was showing 5.5-6 hours left. Is this a typical figure, or I should have tweaked something?


Another problem was that the microphone did not work at all, and the webcam in cheese was slow as a snail - pretty much unusable. Is there a fix to that?



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Mine is a little older than yours and I dont have the 10.5hr battery but I can say that 2010KDE4 doesnt have a valid readind on battery life.


Although having come close to running dry a few times I get almost the exact same time out of MDV and I do XP.


Matter of fact the only reason I have XP on it is so I can get into my office (we have a proprietary VPN) when I'm on call.


Otherwise I do everything else in MDV on there.



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