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Dual Boot With Windows 7 and Vista and XP

Guest mooney10

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My guesses are you'll need to do it like this:


1. Install XP

2. Install Vista

3. Install Windows 7

4. Install Mandriva


You'll need separate partitions for all Operating Systems. You'll have to ensure you create the necessary partitions, but don't create all as primary. If they are all primary, the max is 4, and you won't be able to create a swap partition for Mandriva. The Windows partitions can be primary, but then you'll need to create an extended partition, which will then be utilised to create logical partitions within it.


Multiple versions of Windows can exist. I have done it before, but only with two versions, but the same logic should apply.

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Sorry, but all linux partitions (incl. swap) can be logical ones. No need to set swap on primary partition.

Windoze do need primary partition for the OS files.


I wasn't saying put swap on a primary partition. Max amount of primary partitions on a disk is four. Therefore, if you have one for XP, one for Vista, one for Windows 7, then you only have one more primary partition left. That means you can only create one partition for use, as / and therefore means no room for swap, /home or whatever else. Hence, the last partition would need to be extended to allow you to create a swap and / plus any others that might be required. I think you completely misunderstood.


With logical partitions, you can then create up to fifteen partitions. So, based on what I originally wrote, I was therefore saying that the Linux partitions would be logical ones and not what you said.

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Guest eekie

You will normally have two bootloaders, for the windows operating systems and for mandriva. In order to better distinguish between the windows entries I recommend easy bcd, a tool in which you can rename the windows entries and set the default. This tool can also add mandriva so that you can start mandriva from the windows boot loader. The graphical mandriva bootloader however is more attractive. If you did not install Mandriva as last one, you can use super grub to restore the mandriva bootloader.

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