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Does Mandriva have palm sync by default?

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For awhile I have been trying to get J-Pilot working on this dinosaur

using #!-lite (crunchbang) 9.04 (can't use KDE or GNOME on this dinosaur).

The J-Pilot folks couldn't help. I also tried coldsync and PilotManager

(other Palm sync programs) with compilation error. So I decided not

to fuss, but just use a liveCD to add a few applications into my Palm Treo

700p (already have cable). I don't want to sync my calendar or addresses,

just add some applications, so this approach makes sense.


I want to boot a liveCD, access my palm files, sync, and logoff. I do

NOT want to configure any program and worry about any other hassle.

I.e., the distro should have whatever it needs to sync.


Does Mandriva 2010 has J-Pilot, kpilot, or any other Palm sync

program by DEFAULT? If so, which window environment (KDE, GNOME, or XFCE)?

Please take a look at your Mandriva, if you have the latest version,

and see if you have a Palm sync program built-in.


If not, which linux-based distro(s) has (have) a Palm sync program?


Thank for your help.





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