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  1. Moderator. This is definitely the wrong forum. The "dinosaur" (I mentioned above) is this old desktop. I had trouble deciding which group to choose. This is a liveCD issue or Mandriva software issue. Sheng-Chieh
  2. For awhile I have been trying to get J-Pilot working on this dinosaur using #!-lite (crunchbang) 9.04 (can't use KDE or GNOME on this dinosaur). The J-Pilot folks couldn't help. I also tried coldsync and PilotManager (other Palm sync programs) with compilation error. So I decided not to fuss, but just use a liveCD to add a few applications into my Palm Treo 700p (already have cable). I don't want to sync my calendar or addresses, just add some applications, so this approach makes sense. I want to boot a liveCD, access my palm files, sync, and logoff. I do NOT want to configure any program and worry about any other hassle. I.e., the distro should have whatever it needs to sync. Does Mandriva 2010 has J-Pilot, kpilot, or any other Palm sync program by DEFAULT? If so, which window environment (KDE, GNOME, or XFCE)? Please take a look at your Mandriva, if you have the latest version, and see if you have a Palm sync program built-in. If not, which linux-based distro(s) has (have) a Palm sync program? Thank for your help. Sheng-Chieh [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  3. last modified 1/1/10

  4. Thank for replying. I have 12G which is more than enough for k3b, but I prefer to keep the system "light" (fast and small). I already downloaded tkdvd - it seems to do all I want and did have much library files. I'll take a look at it. Sheng-Chieh
  5. Hi! I'm back after using PCLinuxOS 2007 for over an year. I'm on mandriva/XFCE because I no longer want to be on KDE - KDE has been getting too bloated lately and I don't have much memory/storage on this dinosaur. By default, mandriva/XFCE comes preinstalled with Xfburn which does not burn DVD (data or iso). So I need to install something else. Looking at the mandriva software management (rpmdrake), the amount of files to be added if I add k3b is way too long - I used k3b in the past, but I'm willing to change. This is also true for brasero and gnomebaker. xcdroast, does that burn DVDs (or just CDs)? How good is tkdvd - is it user-friendly? I only want to burn DVDs (data and iso). I don't need other features to burn audio files.. So which DVD burning program do you recommend or don't recommend (please post if you veto a program). UPDATE: I can't get the poll to run. I see choices as brasero, gnomebaker, k3b, tkdvd, and xcdroast. Any other I should consider? Thank for your feedback. Sheng-Chieh
  6. I'll answer my own question. Go to http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.p...stdc%2B%2B.so.5 and download libstdc++5-3.3.6-3mdk.i586.rpm (Mandriva 2007) Then as root do rpm -i libstdc++5-3.3.6-3mdk.i586.rpm libstdc++.so.5 is now in /usr/lib . Sheng-Chieh
  7. I have the exact same problem as Rama, but am still stuck. Missing libstdc++.so.5 and it isnot in rpmdrake. I went to easy-urpmi, https://mandrivausers.org/easyurpmi/index.php to increase the repository. The problem is I'm using 2008.1 RC2 which is not in easy-urpmi menu. Now what? Sheng-Chieh
  8. Thank for answering. It turns out my question was moot since both 2008.1 RC1 aand 2008 bombed. But I'm typing this from 2008.1 RC2. Very nice - faster than 2006 and less buggy so far. Btw, someone ought to go on the wiki, http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2008.1_RC_2 and add the locations of all the download site. It tooks me 9-10 hrs to download the DVD-free version from GA tech. All I could figure out was carroll and gatech were in USA (i'm in Bay area - SF/SJ/O). When I downloaded RC!, I didn't realized that I was downloading from Europe. Sheng-Chieh
  9. Hi folks! I may or may not be back. Want to give a couple of distros a spin including Mandriva. Should I try Mandriva 2008.1 spring RC1 or Mandriva 2008 (release earlier this year)? How stable is Mandriva 2008.1 spring RC1? Sheng-Chieh [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  10. Sorry to betray you folks - I moved to PCLinuxOS 0.94 after hassling with various problems in various distros. I do like one program, world clock (or something like it), on Mandriva. It has a map of the world with alot of dots. It will give the time of the place nearest to the cursor. What is the exact name of that program? Thank in advance. Sheng-Chieh p.s. You people have been helpful - definitely recommend this forum (more so than MandrivaClub).
  11. I'm out this early am. Back later this PST am. Sheng-Chieh
  12. I agree with you about your comment about no X because I tried compiling the source code (and I have no problem doing that) and got that error. Again, I suspect it's my video login screen error (see my other post in install forum). Hence, I'm reverting back to Mandriva 2006 later this am. Thank for your comment - a confirmation of my problem. Sheng-Chieh
  13. shengchieh

    DVD burning?

    In Mandriva 2006, I could easily use k3b to burn DVDs. But in Mandriva 2007, k3b is not even on the installation disk?! I know I have cdrecord plus dvd+rw-tools-6-1-1mdk. Are there any GUI program that burns DVDs in Mandriva 2007? No, I couldn't install k3b. It complained about no X - possibly related to the blank login screen problem I had earlier. Sheng-Chieh
  14. I changed to auto login. Now no login screen (like before) after the "FREE" screen. I ended up going back to /etc/inittab in failsafe mode and change 5 to 3 again. There may be an error when typing startx. The trouble is KDE kicks too quickly and I can't see what the messages are. I even tried startx > startx.txt but all the messages still come the screen and then console screen disappears quickly as KDE kicks in. Another problem: I can't shutdown. If I choose to * -> logout the only choice is to "end current session". If I choose that, the screen goes blank, i.e., I suspect the login screen tries to come, but the screen goes blank instead. Sheng-Chieh
  15. I did the change 5 to 3 in initab. It booted in console login. After logging in, I typed startx and KDE starts fine. No error shows up. The console login (instead of GUI login) doesn't bother me, but when I log in, I would like it to automatically run startx and boot into KDE. How can I set this up? I.e., what script does the console login automatically runs? Also, is there any other way to get GUI login? Thank for the help so far. Sheng-Chieh
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