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Can I re-upgrade 2010?


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2010 Free Gnome.


1) Upgraded from 2009 > 2009.1 last summer from MCC upgrade request lost sound.


2) Upgraded from 2009.1 > 2010 last week and it worked great and regained sound!


3) Accepted updates from MDV(MCC) and plf then lost sound and mplayer usage. Arghh!!


4) Thought I'd remove Pulse Audio and lost everything else in the process, pc defaulted to LXDE.


5) Removed all media and tried 'upgrade' again and now have gnome back but no sound nor multimedia functions.


Can I get upgrade to purge/install all the files afresh without skipping over the existing installed files, so that I could get back to the condition I enjoyed (briefly) in item 2. When I used 2010 upgrade the first time, I installed every program afresh and took 30mins, now it checks 'installed' programs and accepts them and skips the install and take 15secs.


This is driving me nuts!!! Any ideas welcome. Thanks

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Open a terminal, log in as root and run

urpmi --clean

in order to clean up your rpm cache

then run

urpmi --replacepkgs <packagename>

or, if replacepkgs refuses to work, try the

urpmi --force



If you need more tips, run

urpmi --help


man urpmi


Hope that helps

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I don't know what type of sound card you have but I'd be willing to bet it's some version of on-board intel sound on your motherboard. I finally got tired of having my sound fail every other kernel update and bought this turtle beach sound card which has excellent linux support:




I haven't had a sound problem since. If your running a desktop with a spare pci slot, it will be the best $25 you've spent on computer gear in a long time.

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Artic, thanks but I tried the clean option, no joy. The packages option looks good but I want to do all of them so is there a global switch?


PMPatrick: Yes it's an onboard intel jobbie Dell Dimension PC. If I do a clean install on my spare drive everything works great, perhaps the best distribution to date. My problem is my 'upgraded' working drive. I would like to 'downgrade' one release and the 'upgrade again' because it did work fine as I don't want to 'install' then rebuild the / directories.


Thanks guys

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