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Window Manager - Xubuntu 9.10 [solved]

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Hi All,


I recently tried installing Xubuntu 9.10 (Xfce) on my A21P laptop and have a good start - except for this Window Manager problem. The Window Manager is not available through the Settings menu nor the Xfce 4 Settings Manager - it's like it's not there.


When I open a new window, there are no close, maximize, or minimize buttons. I cannot shade, move, or resize windows. To further frustrate things, the windows cover the top panel - so I can only open one application at once. If I do manage to get two applications open (like opening the online help for an application I have open), I cannot alt + tab between the open applications.


Workspaces are also ineffective - it says there is a workspace 2, but I cannot access it.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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I'm not in the office right now, but I have Xubuntu 9.04 and everything was working fine from what I remember. I'll have to try upgrading it to Xubuntu 9.10 and see what happens. If nobody else has any ideas, I'll let you know on Friday.

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Open a console, and type

xfwm4 --replace &

Any better?


It's likely that your XFCE4 installation is not complete, or the XFWM4 window manager has been replaced by a half-baked compiz- or whatever.

Sorry I can't say more, but I don't use *buntu, and I will never use it again- I have had enough of it in the past.

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Thanks for the help guys,


Looks like that did the trick first try.


Nice to have a Linux version on the laptop again - Xubuntu was the only one I could get to install. Seems like there's some general I/O issue preventing other distros from loading the LiveCD; this xfwm4 corruption suggests that is the case. We'll have to see if there are any other suprises....


Thanks again,



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