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File synchronization


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Hi all, I currently do a considerable amount of my report writing on a usb drive, and when I'm finished I make a copy to my desktop box which has raid 1, and I do regular full backup and dvd burns.


The reason I work off a usb drive is that alot of the time I write on my laptop, but I also do work off my desktop box, so for me a usb drive is nice and flexible/convenient.


What program or process can be used to simply ensure that my desktop box and the usb drive are the same? I imagine I can continue to work off the usb drive as I currently do, moving it from desktop to laptop, but when I use my desktop it makes the copy on my desktop the same as that on the usb drive?


I see some suggest rsync or unison. Is anyone using these? Or are there other user friendly programs/processes?

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Try dropbox, as long as you have an internet connection, it will save the files, and they will appear on both machines when they synchronise.




you get 2GB for free. Or if you get referral, you'll get an extra 250MB for free, so I can give you a referral link if you want. I've been using dropbox for a while now and it's really cool. Files are encrypted before being saved on the external server.


otherwise, locally without internet access, you'll be needing things like rsync, etc.

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Just curios if GIT would work in these types of situations? I'm also looking to solve a similar situation for myself and a small group, but lack the expertise. I'll look into the suggestions mentioned already in this topic too. Two-way rsync sounds like a good feature for sure.


Thanks in advance.


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GlusterFS allows you to do two-way sync also although I've never used it:




but it's certainly interesting, because if you're using NAS/SAN storage like I've been playing around with recently with Openfiler, you can install glusterfs under Openfiler and expand your capabilities. Might be a bit too much for simple use though. But worth a mention.....

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