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  1. Oh, Arch is a good distribution too with nearly all the customization anyone could want, just a different sort of experience.
  2. I, too, would agree with AussiJohn that Mageia is the distribution that Mandriva should have been. All those various desktop choices that are supported by the Mageia Team, even the Enlightment17 environment. And Mageia is the community that I had always hoped Mandriva could move closer towards; Rest In Peace Mandriva Council, you almost made it. The experience with Mageia so far is like Mandriva at it's best, all those friendly and familiar aspects are there in Mageia-1. Thank you Mageia Community! Better than just oranges, it's like sweet Tangerines!
  3. While the Arch install I did was faster, I enjoyed the experience with Mageia more, and now it's on my desktop machine. Glad there are so many choices to fit each persons needs or desires in the Linux ecosystem!
  4. It seemed, to me anyway, that development on Quanta Plus had nearly stopped about two years ago. If I recall correctly, the developers were going to upgrade all the code, but haven't seen anything of it. Not sure this is actually what happened to the Quanta project, but I ended up switching to Bluefish. It has a steady amount of contribution to it from the developers and it's community. You might give it a try, and it is available for both Mageia and Mandriva. GT
  5. Can't speak for the virtual environment, but the test system I used is an old 950 mhz cpu with 750 megs of ram using on-board video. The Mageia RC worked quite well, and the Mageia team has been pushing out the updates for the RC at an amazing rate. The only quirk I encountered was playing a music CD; all the players wanted to rip the songs to HD first before playing the music, wouldn't just play from the CD. Tried both KDE and Enlightment17 desktops, and very pleased with the support the team and contributers have given to this in first release. Looking forward to the final release in two days! Happily impressed. GT
  6. Any performance boost is always welcome, but this is like an early holiday gift for all our desktop systems! Looking forward to seeing the kernel with this patch hitting the updates. Cheers to Mike Galbraith! And, of course, cheers to all the people who work to make Linux better and better every day! G
  7. PowerPack 2010.1 Spring is available through Mandriva Store. Link for downloads and to PowerPack: http://www2.mandriva.com/downloads/ G
  8. Mandriva Spring 2010.1 is now out! Downloads and PowerPack available through this link: http://www2.mandriva.com/downloads/ G
  9. Looks like all regular versions for 2010 Spring are available, with PowerPack for sale on the Mandriva Store site. Link for all of them is: http://www2.mandriva.com/downloads/ Glad it's finally out! G
  10. We've been waiting for this for some time, and Mandriva Spring 2010 is finally out! Looks like all the regular versions are available for download, and Power Pack can be purchased at the Mandriva Store. Here is the link: www2.mandriva.com
  11. Lost in the woods somewhere...

  12. Just curios if GIT would work in these types of situations? I'm also looking to solve a similar situation for myself and a small group, but lack the expertise. I'll look into the suggestions mentioned already in this topic too. Two-way rsync sounds like a good feature for sure. Thanks in advance. G
  13. What was it that needed to be fixed, the chksum, the iso, or both? G
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