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Gnome Inform 7

Guest almigi

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I was reading in the October issue of Linux Format the Seven Cool Linux Projects article, and I became intrigued by Gnome Inform, which is an IDE for the Inform 7 language. The article stated from the project's page on SourceForge includes binaries for most popular Linux distros.


This was not the case. :)


From the SourceForge page, I went to the project's official page, (http://inform7.com), and found packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch. Of course there is the option to download and compile the code from scratch.


However, I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to compiling source from scratch. I know the standard routine of "./configure, make, and make install" and I also read README and INSTALL files that come in any archive. When I tried to ./configure I was presented a list of missing packages. However, many of these packages I could not find in the Mandriva repositories.


So, my questions are:

1. Does anyone know where I can get an RPM for Gnome Inform 7 that works on Mandriva 2009 Spring?




2. Have you successfully compiled Gnome Inform from source and have gotten it to run under Mandriva? If so, can you please go over the necessary steps and what files libraries to install?


Thank you.

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I asked this same question on the regular Mandriva forums, and someone there said they had success using the Fedora 10 RPM. I tried it, but it initially failed because it couldn't find a dependency in the Mandriva repos. I use the 64 bit Powerpack, and it was looking for the i586 arch of libSDL_sound, which for some reason is missing in the 64 bit mirrors (although several other i586 libraries are present).


So, I downloaded the i586 version of libSDL_sound from rpmfind.net, and tried the install again and everything works.

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