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Mandrake 9.2 review


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I have had some odd results with 9.2. When I ran rc2 and then used urpmi to update, I had a running system with some programs that did not run correctly. Since they were newer versions, I figured the programs were at fault. I then installed 9.2 with the cd's. I had a freeze occur, which I had to power off!! I found the huge list of updates (bearing in mind that the "public" has not even seen this distro yet), used urpmi to get the fixes, and got another hard freeze!!


So, my main daily partitions have 9.1, and I'm not going to go to 9.2. The first time since 7.0 that I have not "moved up". I'll still work with 9.2 on my experimental partitions, but I really wanted to do a different distro there.

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I read that Mandrake will actually destroy LG CD-ROM drives on install...


I've also read that there are over 350MB of patches...


In short,...


Sounds like someone on the fence should either stay there or try another distro...

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