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MLO liveCD 2009.1


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One of the French speaking Mandriva communities MLO released its first English live CD.

This liveCD is a Mandriva Linux One KDE4 2009.1 modified and geared toward new users of Mandriva Linux and especially users migrating from Windows. It has the kernel, KDE 4.2.4 and all updates till 10th of July 2009. Packages included are :

  • - Akregator (RSS reader)
  • - Amarok 2.1.1 (Audio player)
  • - aMsn-0.98 (MSN client)
  • - Firefox 3.0.11
  • - gajim (Jabber client)
  • - Gimp 2.6.6 (Image manipulation)
  • - Gwenview (Image viewer)
  • - k3b (burning software)
  • - KolourPaint (Paint program)
  • - Konqueror (File manager)
  • - KsCD (Audio CD player)
  • - KSnapshot (Screenshots software)
  • - ktorrent (Bitorrent client)
  • - Okular (Document viewer)
  • - Openoffice 3.0.1 (Office suite)
  • - system-printer-config (Printer manager)
  • - Thunderbird (Mail software)
  • - unrar (Archiver tool)
  • - wine 1.1.25 (Windows emulator)
  • - VLC 1.0.0 and its plugins: (Multimédia player)

BitTorrent download of this liveCD is available here.

The torrent includes the ISO file, the sha1 and md5 files and a directory including Mandriva Seed (linux and Windows), an application to make a liveUSB.

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