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Hugin won't call enblend

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The joys of 2009.0 continue...

After upgrade, hugin fails to stitch panoramas together, it goes through all the motions of loading the photos, letting you allocate control points, previewing the panorama and even mapping each photo to the separate tiffs, but then fails at the last step, calling enblend to merge the photos together.

If you look at the command window, what it actually tries to call is something like "false -compression NONE -o output.tif ..." and the other parameters which should get given to enblend. So why does it try to call "false" instead of "enblend"? Yes I have enblend installed, and it's at /usr/bin/enblend, quite easy to find. It seems to be a bug in hugin though, related to the user config (which worked fine for the previous version of hugin). If you call the same command from the console but with "enblend" instead of "false", it works, and you don't have to redo all your point clicking!


I found out how to fix it, you have to edit your ~/.hugin file. You could delete this file and let hugin create a new one (apparently you have to go into preferences and click "OK" - don't click "Cancel"! Or another way is just to add a line in the .hugin file, in the [Enblend] section:

Instead of


you need to change this to


(if he doesn't listen first time, you gotta tell him twice! ;) )


There are also funny magnifier things obscuring the view on the control point dialog now, getting in the way of what I want to see, but I guess I'll get used to that.


Did I already mention I wish I'd stuck with 2008.1? :wall:



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Another hugin user! Are you using 2009.0 or 2009.1? Reason for asking is that I had hugin 0.7.0 working perfectly with 2009.0, but find that the 0.8 beta shipping with 2009.1 fails to call autopano for reasons as yet still unclear to me.

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I have hugin-0.7.0-0.rc6.1mdv2009.0. But I don't have autopano, so I don't know whether that works or not. I guess if I was clever I'd use autopano but I didn't want all the mono stuff which autopano needs.

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