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9.2 PPC?


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Hi, Ezroller, thx for the reply


...1024*768 is perfect for my purposes... it's also reassuring to know I can use some of my fav. Linux apps, such as Gaim, OpenOffice and Mplayer.


other question: we've installed a small wireless network (wireless access point: Intel Pro/Wireless 2011b), and I'm curious if it works with the apple airport card (wich is, I suppose, like a wireless PC card).


I'm having doubts between the i-book and the G4 (both 12'' models), cause I want to be budget sensitive. I wrote down the specs for my needs below. How come the Ibook I composed has about the same specs, but 640 RAM and is still cheaper !? Does the processor make such a big difference?


Sorry to bother you with all this, but I want to make an informed and thought-out decision.




1. Ibook 12''


Apple Mouse: € 45,45

iBook 900-MHz: € 1.498,00


(ibook: DVD/CD-RW; Keyboard & Mac OS; 40GB Ultra ATA; Airport Card; 640MB SDRAM - 2 SO DIMMs)

Total + Vat: € 1.867,57




2. PowerBook G4 12inch DVD


Apple Mouse: € 45,45

PowerBook G4 12inch DVD: 1.788,00

(Powerbook: 512MB DDR266 SDRAM - 2 SO-DIMMs; AirPort Extreme Card; DVD/CD-RW; Keyboard & Mac OS; 1GHz PowerPC G4; 40GB Ultra ATA drive)


Total + VAT: € 2.218,47

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Sarah, which revision is yours?  is it one of the new 7450's or is it the older revision?  I am in absolute computing heaven with this thing.  I have yet to try linux on it, my new kick is integrating X11 and OSX so seamlessless you can't tell what system your on.  its harder than I thought, but I guess that makes it fun.


first gen (firebook/"rev.A") 386 ram 867 mhz.


only x11 app i "use" is OpenOffice (actually i have used it once). other than that i cannot be bothered with x11 it is an inferior product (mostly due to horrendous toolkits tk, gtk(1&2), etc.). i have purchased no software, don't need to as i compile most whatever i like or just use native applications or prepackaged open source software.


i got my mac for OS X (needed to have OS X again) not for placing linux on. I like linux but on a Mac capable of using OS X it is a waste, imho of course.


for my pc's though, linux is the way to go.


(PS i don't use fink either i would rather have the challenge of compiling something myself)


anyway don't mean to sound like i don't like linux, i do like it, just on MY mac it would be a pointless venture as i like OS X everybit as much as linux (except the lack of a current POVRAY binary release).

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