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2009.1 installation CD will not boot into setup


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I am hit with the following bug where the installer will not boot up, and the install CD hangs at boot time:



However, the 'trick' they posted there does not work for me.


Any other tips on how to install it anyway? I'm been thinking perhaps I can put this iso/installer on a USB stick and perhaps install it from there...




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Tried to install with unetbootin, but no luck either: I get "... Warning: unable to open an initial console."


I Google-ed and from http://www.nabble.com/-Bug-48119--NEW:-Whe...td22151790.html I found this remark:


unetbootin with mandriva one 2009.1 is known not to work for now since the

image doesn't include the necessary vfat modules. Do you have fat/vfat related

messages before what you pasted ?


Seems like it's impossible for me to install Mandriva 2009.1 AT ALL! :(

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Have you tried this trick:

Booting while pressing the SHIFT key gives :

ISOLINUX 3.74 Mandriva Linux ETCD Copyright © 1994-2009 H. Peter Anvin



Then if I'm rapid enough I can press Enter and it boots. If I wait for the

gfxboot: line to appear, then I'm stuck.

It's from this bug report: bug #49768
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Not really orthodox, but I 'solved' it by attaching an external USB DVD drive... typing this from 2009.1 right now! :-)


Now to hunt for mp3 playback packages :P

(edit: hmmm, they are pre-installed?? :D )

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