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Changing Sources


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So 2009.1 is out. Can somebody tell me when I have to change my present Cooker sources to 2009.1 sources to prevent downloading lots of stuff that belongs to 2010.0? I have just had a look on easy urpmi and it still doesn't have any sources for 2009.1.


It is a bit of a nuisance this, would it not be better to forget the 'cooker' designation altogether and just use 2009.1/2010.0 designation instead? Then it wouldn't be necessary for anyone to change sources when a 'cooker' becomes a 'release'.


I am probably missing something absolutely crucial, but I don't know what it is.



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I would remove all your sources NOW because cooker is unfrozen en 2010 packages are in the repos. If you updated regulary and used mirrorlist it should automatically switch but to make sure go to configure your sources and remove them all to avoid key problems


from cooker mailing list today


I'll explain how the above variables in mirrorlists are expanded:


$RELEASE and $ARCH are filled by information from release file.

# cat /etc/release

Mandriva Linux release 2009.1 (Official) for x86_64


With above line they become:




Note that $RELEASE always becomes "cooker" when /etc/release contains

"(Cooker)" instead of "(Official)".


$MIRRORLIST is filled by information from product.id (with format


# cat /etc/product.id





With above line it becomes:


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