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No keyboard input...

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Well it looks like I was premature in announcing a problem free net upgrade to 2009.1 on both laptops. I have no keyboard input at the Greeter nor on the Desktop on one of the laptops. I do have keyboard input in the konsole though. The mouse also works correctly.


The laptop in question was the one that had Mandriva One as its initial install.


I had a look through the kdmrc file. I compared the contents with the kdmrc file from my other laptop. I couldn't find any different entries. It's the same story with xorg.conf, the correct details are in the keyboard section.


Where else can I look to try and figure this out?

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this is probably due to the new modular xorg 1.6, everything is modular in xorg now, so for some reason it hasn't loaded the correct module for your keyboard. I'm not sure how you can debug this but maybe have a look at the xorg logfile in /var/log/ and post the exact make/mode/spec of the laptop that is giving you problems.

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Thanks for the suggestion tux99. The laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens C-Series Lifebook.


This problem only occurs with the new kernel everything works fine with kernel

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