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Mandriva 2009.1 is out!


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Just trying out the 2009.1 One Gnome version now...

Only things I've noticed so far are that the docs on the CD still refer to 2009.0 (a common oversight for Mandriva), it asks me what keyboard I want and then gives me US anyway, and of course the traditional blaring start jingle at maximum volume is still there (ow, my ears!). And Firefox defaulting to spellchecking in Portuguese again.


All of that's fixable with an install of course. Looks nice, runs nice, I particularly like "eye of gnome" for browsing pictures, very simple and usable. So now I'm just trying the disk access to see if I'll have slowness problems (like here and here) - running a grep seems to take a long time but that's probably just because I'm running it from the CD I guess. There's still no mention of anything like that on the errata so maybe it's just a problem with some external drives?

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I just upgraded from 2008.1 to 2009.1 with no problems what so ever.

I skipped 2009.0 because it wouldn't run on my system due to udev errors.

I think 2009.1 is great !!! Well done Mandriva.

I was nervous because this is my first experience with KDE4 and KDE4 takes a lot of bashing on this forum.

I think that bashing, at least for the KDE4 version of 2009.1, is undeserved.

I consider myself a prime target user of Mandriva. I use it on as a home desktop for e-mail, web surfing, managing mp3's and digital photos etc.

The typical home user with no real interest in becoming a linux administrator.

If you are like me don't sweat the KDE4 bashing on this forum.

2009.1 with KDE4 rocks!

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If you are like me don't sweat the KDE4 bashing on this forum.
One should note that the KDE4 bashing is not unique to this forum. Also, all DE's get a good bashing around here - we don't discriminate :D
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