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What you think about this card?


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From what I know is the German company M-Audio only comes onto the market with professional equipment. USB card works without a problem, however, is that many cards do not work with Linux




A full range of products. Not that work under Linux. I want to buy M-Audio Revolution 5.1. Of course, no deviation from the topic.


From m-audio sound cards begin with, the rest is noise generators.


exchange rates


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The Revolution works fine under Linux, and it's probably the best budget audiocard. It's only con is that it does not have a MIDI I/O.

I have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 myself, which is even better, works equally fine under Linux, it also has a decent MIDI I/O, but it's two channel only.

If you want both multichannel and MIDI, you should IMO go for the Audiophile 192.

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Thanks, I look forward eagerly to the shipment. With MIDI you help, I have a beautiful sound and how the bank will need to go used. I am concerned only that, people probably need a 5.1 card for DVDs and games ....Lex

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