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Logitech QuickCam [solved]


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You need to install the qc-usb-kernel-desktop-latest package for that kernel, instead of the qc-usb-kernel-desktop586-latest that you have installed. That is why you are getting the 'module not found error' when you try to modprobe mod_quickcam.

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Thank-you for the reply. I have got it to work. Since I have two kernels installed, I just booted to the other kernel. I checked /dev/video and it is there. I brought up camstream, and the camera is now working. So this is now fixed, or I guess configured correctly.


I think what has added to the problem for me is the naming of the kernels and other related packages. I do not understand the current names, I find them confusing to say the least. It would be nice if there was a list of names, and descriptions, sufficient to allow the more casual user to figure things out.


Thank-you to you Greg2, and Ian for all your help. :thumbs:

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