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In what kind of PC or Laptop are you running MDK?

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Guest Maldain
In hardware terms, whats your default box?


Hmmm good question we're running on HP 420's, Dell optiplex 170's and Dell poweredge servers at the moment. We don't really have a default system as we tend to buy what's the least expensive as the lowend servers are used to run retail operations in a store which is pretty straight forward just a sales form and some inventory forms and some accounting forms on a DBASE IV like database set up with some wyse thin clients running on the counters in X. The servers run in our warehouses and are designed to be faster, beefier and more reliable as the warehouses run multiple shifts and have numerous users hitting the boxes with handheld scanner devices over an 802.11b network, wyse 60 dumb terminals, wyse thin clients running X and some ssh logins from windows systems.


M. Lacy

Western Tool Supply

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