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USB stick read only [solved]

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Unless it's imperative that the stick is auto mounted, comment out or remove the entry for it in /etc/fstab.


Then when you plug it in you should get a pop up allowing you to mount and open it in Dolphin with user read write privileges.



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Problem solved!


Thanks a lot for the help. This is what happened:


As a workaround for the USB-stick behaving read-only under Mandriva, I put my files on the common partition using Mandriva 2009. Then I rebooted to windows in order to store the files from the common partition onto the stick using XP.

Later on my daughter gave me a brand new USB-stick, and that one worked fine in Linux eliminating the need for the workaround. With that in mind, the old stick was reformatted, and now it also works in Linux as it should have done in the first place.


Thans again, Helmut

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perhaps the partition that was created was no good? corrupt partition table?


not that it matters, since the issue has been solved :)

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