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Suddenly can't chainload [solved]


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It is my normal practice to install one instance of grub to the MBR and then all others to the first sector of each partition. I then chainload the other versions with a menu.lst entry of (for example):


title Mandriva 2009.1
root (hd0,11)
chainloader +1


Nothing wrong with that, and it has worked perfectly up until today. Now, when I attempt to boot from that entry all I get is a black screen with the word 'GRUB' in capitals and a flashing cursor. Strangely it is impossible to do anything in the screen, you cant type and you cant shut it down either (without pressing the power button) neither Ctl/Alt/Del or Alt/SysRq/B have any effect.


If I had been messing around with grub yesterday I could have understood it, but I haven't even touched it, or menu.lst, so why it should suddenly go like that is a mystery to me.


The mystery deepens when you consider that there is absolutely nothing wrong with grub. I know that because when I copy the menu.lst entry from the 2009.1 menu.lst to the active menu.lst it boots normally - I am typing in it now, it is only the chainloading that won't work.


If anyone can suggest why that might have happened I would be interested to know. It is not a big deal if you can't because, as I said, I can work round it, but it does puzzle me.


Incidentally I did do some updates to 2009.1 yesterday, but I am pretty sure none of them related to grub.

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Hey Brilliant Medo that works!! :thumbs: .


What is more I have never seen it used in that form before so I have learnt something for the future. (Written it down in my notes because I probably won't remember next time I need it :lol2: ).


Incidentally you were right in your assumption that it doesn't matter too much what happens to my Cooker installation, it is just a plaything for me I have plently of other options that I take more care of.


Thanks again.


EDIT. Still don't know why it happened though??

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Still don't know why it happened though??

No idea. The difference is the "config /..." line only makes it load the grub in the first sector of the root partition.


BTW this is the way the Mandriva installer added the cooker grub on my machine. I had to reinstall 2009.0 and the installer added the configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst line on its own. That's where I got the idea from.

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