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install and configure drivers for unknown devices


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Hi everyone


I got a little problem, I just got a year using mandriva but I'm still new at this so I'll be straight..


My pc is a Dell Inspiron 640m and I just installed the new mandriva 2009.0 free DVD i586 and I got some problem with my hardware

some devices (on MCC-->Hardware) appears like unknown/Others and I think they are part of unknown instead of others cuz those

devices and options can't be used (some of them are ok like the mouse) but could somebody tell me how to solve those things


and I also got problems with ndiswrapper interface (when I use the MCC to configure my wireless device/card it tells me something like unable to find ndiswrapper interface...

I also need what to do with the kernel and how to compile it (where to install it) could somebody help me cuz I'm having those problems



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You'll have to come with some more information.


Open Menu -> tools -> Konsole

I Konsole type su type your administrator password as promted (cursor don't move)


Now type lspci, and paste the output in here.


When I open MCC-hardware I have a lot of unknown issues in the list, but everything works.

And it's not every networkcards you have to use ndiswrapper for.

But ndiswrapper proberly have to get installed.

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Right. It's OK for quite a lot of things to show up as 'unknown'; it's not the case that you need to 'fix' each one. It would be best for you to identify exactly what pieces of hardware you're actually having problems with, and we'll try to help you with that. Thanks.

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