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Anyone want another file manager?


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Ever since I discovered it I have been a lifelong Krusader fan for file management, I still am, but I have recently been introduced to a different one called 'Xfe'. I have not heard of it or used it before, but after just a couple of days with it I am sold on it. It is very Krusader like (although you can make it look however you want) but it uses half the resources of Krusader and runs twice as fast. It is a really blinding little app. It also runs on any desktop environment.


I did a search for it on this forum and it returns no results, so I assume it has never been mentioned before hence this post.




Here is a link to the homepage



Try it, I bet you like it.

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It's quite nice, very rich in features, but for some reason on my Mandriva 2008.1 installation it shows up without antialiasing on the fonts, so the fonts look all pixely. I tried to change fonts but it didn't make a difference.


My favourite filemanager is still the good old Midnight Commander ('mc') in a console window, rather than any graphical filemanager.

But I'm the kind of person who prefers 'vi' to any graphical text editor too... :)

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