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why so many dependency conflicts? [solved]


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Hi, Just out of curiosity, are you installing via MCC Software manager, or via an .rpm that you have downloaded from somewhere?

No matter where the installation start.

for example, from the console, urpmi:

[root@localhost frank]# urpmi amule
some required software can not be installed:
amule-2.2.2-1plf2009.0.i586 (reason is dependency conflict /*translated from Chinese, word by word, should be: the reason is the following one is not fulfilled*/ libcryptopp.so.6)
still continue ?(Yes(Y)/No(n))[Yes]y
[root@localhost frank]#


Via MCC, software manager, if I select the amule listed in the resource, it returns a popup message window that tells me can not select that amule because of the same dependency conflict.


Thanks for reply!

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OK, go to 'install and remove software' > Options > Media manager, then configure your sources (mirror list). I would suggest you enable these:



Main Updates


Contrib Updates


Non-free Updates

PLF Free

PLF Non-free


and disable anything else. Then in the same Media manager window, go to File > Update, and select what you want to update. I would suggest you select and update all the repos I've listed above.


Now try to install amule. Please let us know if that works?

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Yes. Packages in Main only rely on other packages in Main. Packages in Contrib rely on packages in Main and other packages in Contrib. Packages from PLF may depend on packages in any Mandriva repository. The Updates repositories are not full sets of packages, they only contain packages that have been updated since release; you're intended to have both X and X Updates enabled.

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