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OneNote in Wine


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I have a legal copy of Microsoft Office 2007, and would really like to be able to use OneNote in Linux.

I have a dual boot system with Mandriva 2009 and Vista. (The Vista, alas, came first).

All of my documents and such are stored on the Vista partition, and I access them freely from Mandriva.

I noted that the WinHQ claims that OneNote works with Wine 1.14 (my version).

How do I set it up? I have never used Wine before, and don't know what to do. Can I use the installed version on my other partition? Or do I need to install it again?




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I have not used OneNote and I have only installed one program in WINE. My experience is that after installing WINE, I installed the webcore-fonts rpm package, then installed my Windows program. I chose the Windows installation file setup.exe on the program DVD and chose open with WINE. I let the program install normally, accepting the default C: drive. The program does not really install to your C: drive, but to a subfolder of /home/user/.wine. In my case two files were copied to the desktop. The .lnk file appeared to serve no function, but the other file launced the Windows program. HTH

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A long time ago, I remember reading that Wine could use your Windows partition as a base instead of the .wine directory in your home folder. I don't know if it can still be done, I never tried.


Anyways, following David Batson's advice should give you the best result since this application is reported to work in Wine. That way, even if you decide to get rid of your windows partition at some time (or reinstall it, as I've heard is done quite regularly by Windows users), your application will keep running fine from its fake Windows environment.



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He means that as long as you have printing configured under Linux via cups/gutenprint (which is by far the most common method), you should be able to print from wine apps without any special settings.

AFAIK this does apply, at least I had no trouble printing to my default cups printer within wine/Crossover Office.

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